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Papers are special products which plays dominant role in printing process. With the help of papers, printing can be made effectively. Printing paper comprises of different types like matt papers, gloss paper, photo paper, iron-on-transfer paper, OHP paper, transparent paper, sticker paper and even more. Printing papers are sorts of piece designed specifically to print. Some of the special kinds of printing paper are

Matte Paper

It is a kind of printing paper which looks lusterless, dull. Matte paper is used to produce good quality prints and non glare images. Some of the matte inkjet paper is photo quality matte, premium grade, double sided and semi matte.

Gloss Paper

Glossy paper refers to smooth shiny paper which comes up with surface luster or brightness. The paper looks glossier, shiny which can be used for photographic prints. If images are to be printed more excellently, then most of the printing company will make use of glossy paper.

Photographic Paper

Photographic paper is special coated paper used in inkjet and laser printers to produce digital prints. A photo paper fetches more demand in the market and in most of the printing company, this type of papers were popularly used. It is a special type of paper which will coated especially for printing digital photographs. The price of photo paper will be competitive, so that all types of customer can make use of service offered.

Iron On Transfer Paper

Iron on transfer paper is a kind of paper used to print the object or images or graphics on dark fabrics. Using opaque inkjet transfer paper, the image is printed on the paper and then the image is transferred into surface required. different colors can used in iron on transfer paper and the cost charged for printing the paper will differs as per the requirement of the customer.

Using advanced technology, new innovation has been created by people to come up with better and effective printing process. Large number of companies shows their interest in creating best possible products to meet the requirements of the customers around the world. Different types of printing documents are executed by the manufactures to the clients and help to produce the prints.

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