11 Ways To Outsell Your Competition

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The key to outselling your competition is to compare your product to theirs. When you find the differences between products, use your findings to improve your product. Below are 12 things you can compare and improve upon to outsell your competition.

1 Price

Can you offer a lower price? Can you offer a higher price and increase the perceived value of your product? Do you offer easier payment options than your competition?

2 Packaging

Can you package your product more attractively? Do the colors of your package relate to your product? Can you package your product into a smaller or larger package?

3 Delivery

Can you offer cheaper shipping? Do you have a high enough profit margin to offer free shipping? Can you ship your products faster?

4 Benefits

Can you offer more benefits than your competition? Are your benefits stronger? Do you have believable proof that supports your claims?

5 Quality

Is your product built and tested to last longer than your competition? Can you improve the overall quality of your product?

6 Performance

Can you make your product faster at solving your customers' problem? Is your product easier to use than your competitions?

7 Features

Can you offer more product features than your competition? Do your features support the benefits you offer?

8 Availability

Is your product always available or do your have to backorder it? Can your product suppliers drop ship to your customers?

9 Extras

Do you provide free bonuses when your customers buy your product? Are your bonuses more valuable than your competitions' bonuses?

10 Service

Do you offer your customers free 24-hour customer service? Can you provide free product repair? Does your competition make their customers talk to a machine?

11 Proof

Can you provide more proof than your competition that your product is reliable? Can you provide stronger testimonials or endorsements?

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