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17 Month Old Baby Reads

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I was shocked when I saw this story. This little girl named Elizabeth Barret is 17 months old and can actually read and sign. She’s adorable too. Her parents said she started to read when she was 13 months old. She even reads cursive. She’s got to be a genius. The parents say they didn’t […]

Submitting Your Website to Google

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Google is one of the most popular search engines around and can deliver a lot of traffic (potential customers) to your website. Submitting to Google is as easy as signing up for a Google Webmaster Account and submitting a sitemap to them. This method is much better than submitting your web site one page at […]

I Don’t Want My Website Anymore

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If you have a website that you don’t want any longer and are considering selling it, a flood of questions come to mind such as How much can I get for my website? How can I determine its value?
You can get anywhere from 3-24 times the value of your websites income. Remember to deduct […]

Adsense Webinar: Adsense Placement Targeting

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I attended an Adsense Webinar today. For those of you who don’t know what a webinar is it is a seminar that is given on the web. It’s very cool.
After receiving an invitation, you register with your name and email address and are given a web link to attend the meeting.

On the day of […]

Halloween Graphics

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Isn’t Halloween one of the coolest holiday seasons? If you haven’t gotten around to posting your holiday photos on your website, take a look at our free Halloween graphics. Some of our free Halloween graphics can go on any web page and the others are made especially for Myspace pages.
The Halloween graphics that go […]

Snow Day

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It snowed this past weekend in Memphis. I really didn’t think it was but did and a lot! We measured 6 inches of snow in the backyard. It doesn’t snow very often here so it was a real treat for my kids. This was my youngest first time seeing  snow. She had a ball.