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How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

I have a subscription to a web designers newsletter and another designer posted a link to a blog post at theoatmeal.com about “How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell“.

The post is in comic form and is actually very funny but sadly TRUE. A lot of times customers will ask you to design a website for them and they love the site but then they have a “few minor changes”. The customer has decided to input ideas from their friends, children and other family members of how you can make the website “better”. Never mind that these “suggestions” are impossible, make the site slow, ugly or pretty much unusable. Once they are done the site looks nothing like the professional website that you have designed. I am not saying that you can not input client ideas for your website. After all, you are working for them. If you hire a web designer to design a professional website for you, you should trust that the web designer will do the job right.

I can one up this situation. A few years ago, I had this customer who wanted a photo gallery to display his pictures. I created a photo gallery in the manner that he wanted and he said he loved it and he paid me for it. End of job, right? Wrong. A few days later he told me his friends hated it and he wanted me to do it over. I told him I could do it over but I would have to charge him for it. He got angry and demanded a full refund because I did such a “terrible job”. He could care less about the hours I spent working for him putting together all of his pictures in this photo gallery. He paid me with PayPal and tried to get a refund. Luckily I saved the emails from him where he gave me all this praise for the photo gallery and forwarded those on to PayPal. They did not give him a refund. I had the emails and printscreens showing the photo gallery was successfully installed on his website along with his feedback. It’s tough situations like this that make you want to get into another profession!

Thanks for the link Joni Mueller, Pixelita Designs LLC, http://www.pixelita.com/ it made my day. :)



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December 3rd, 2009 at 6:02 pm

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