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Competitive Ad Filter Not Working?

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Have you blocked an advertiser with your Competitive Ad Filter only to see the advertiser is still appearing in the ad spots on your website? A few weeks ago I saw this MFA type junk site appearing on my web site’s pages. No big deal, I went into my competitive ad filter and blocked the […]

Get Rid of Irrelevant Ads by Using Google’s Section Targeting

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Google’s ad serving technology is supposed to deliver relevant ads based on the text and HTML content of your web page. Sometimes the words on your pages don’t necessarily have anything to do with the type of ads that should be served.
Here’s an example, I sell web templates with themes such as automotive, wedding, swimming […]

Banned by Google Because of Invalid Clicks?

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If you have joined the Google Adsense program I’m sure you’ve heard webmasters explain how they have been banned from the Google Adsense Program for invalid clicks but swear they haven’t click their own ads. Well here’s some good news. Google updated their blog the other day with a post that explains exactly what invalid […]

How to Block Low Paying Ads with the Adsense Preview Tool

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Have you noticed that your cost per click has gone down recently? Well, you may be displaying ads for low paying advertisers. If you wonder how to spot low paying advertisers, read on…
The AdSense Preview Tool allows you to check the destination of ads on your page without the risk of invalid clicks. Clicks and […]

Adsense Urban Legends

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Do you ever hear other webmasters making these weird, almost unbelieveable statements about the Google Adsense program that sound ridiculous?  But then when you think about it, you don’t know if they are right or not? After all, any thing is possible!  Truth be told, below are some of the more common Adsense Urban Legends that have been […]

What are MFA Websites?

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Have you ever been on a webmaster forum and someone was writing about MFA sites and wonder what that is? Well, MFA is the abbreviation for “Made for Adsense”. The MFA site owner has joined the Google Adsense or other affiliate program and earns revenue for their website when their website visitors clicks on their ads. The […]

How to Find a Google Adsense Lost Channel

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If you’re like me and have a large website you might have run into a problem with your Google Adsense channels.  Channels allow you to track which pages or areas of your website earn you money with the Google Adsense program.
The problem begins when you look at your advanced reports and see that you have an […]

Google Adsense 101

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1. Read through the Terms of Service. Really you should.
2. Never click your own ads.
3. Don’t ask your friends or website visitors to click on your ads.
4. Don’t modify the adsense code.
5. Remember the 3/3/2 rule. You can use 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes on each of your pages. You […]

Supplement Your Website Income with Kontera

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Kontera is an affiliate program for website owners and a great way to supplement your various steams of internet income. Unlike the usual banner and content affiliate programs, Kontera reads the content on each of your web pages and picks out certain keywords which were bid on by advertisers. Double underlines are then automatically placed […]

$47.29 Click

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The other day I logged into my Adsense account and noticed a surge in my earnings. I looked around a bit and saw that I had 1 click for $47.29.  That’s got to be rare. I don’t keep up with the clicks too much, but that’s got to be the highest click that I’ve received. I have […]