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How To Get Rid of Google Public Service Ads

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If you use the Google Adsense program to monotonize your website, surely you dread seeing the PSA ads loading on your web page.  PSA ads are public service announcement ads for non-profit organizations that appear on your website. Generally these ads appear until the Google spider has had time to review the content of your […]

Old Google Adsense Codes

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For those of you who started with Google Adsense way back when, here is a list of the legacy or old Google Adsense codes below. Currently there’s no way to generate the old code from the publisher’s account management area. Just copy the ad size that you need and replace the following manually:
replace the sample publisher number with your own […]

Adsense Webinar: Adsense Placement Targeting

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I attended an Adsense Webinar today. For those of you who don’t know what a webinar is it is a seminar that is given on the web. It’s very cool.
After receiving an invitation, you register with your name and email address and are given a web link to attend the meeting.

On the day of […]

Google Adsense Affiliate Program

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The Google Adsense affiliate program is highly recommended due to it’s ease of use and highly targeted ads that are relevant to your website’s audience. Just place the Adsense code on each of your website’s pages and your site visitors will do the rest.
Once Google ads are placed on your pages their technology will read the […]