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Rewrite Articles To Prevent Duplicate Content

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This is a short article that covers rewriting articles  to create unique content that you have created manually or using article rewriting software to rewrite your articles automatically for you.
Submitting articles to article submission websites is a great way to promote your website. Examples of article submission websites are http://www.findarticles.com/, http://www.ezinearticles.com/, and http://www.articlesbase.com/. Everyone that […]

Google Adsense Experimenting With Fonts

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I’ve noticed some odd fonts being displayed in my Adsense Ads lately. Here’s an example:

This font looks like Comic Sans MS. It doesn’t really look good on my website but for a personal website it might be ok.
I wonder if this means we will have the option to choose the fonts that are displayed in […]

Google Crawl Rate

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If you’ve submitted your website through Google’s Webmaster Tools you’ll see an option under the Tools Menu for “Set Crawl Rate”. The Crawl Rate determines how often Google’s robots (the Googlebot) will visit your website to spider your web pages and add them into it’s search engine index. The options are Slow, Normal and Fast. […]

Google Pagerank Update

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If you’ve visited any webmaster forums in the last few days you’ll hear the webmasters talking about the Google Page Rank update. This update takes place about 4 times a year. Google’s Pagerank formula is secret and is designed to allocate authority or weight to individual web pages. The higher your web page’s pagerank the […]

Banned by Google?

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Google bans websites that try to cheat to get better rankings or to deceive it’s users by using SEO blackhat techniques.
To tell if your website has been banned go to Google.com and type in your website name,
i.e. site:www.hooverwebdesign.com (substitute hooverwebdesign.com with your domain name)
If you see ZERO search results, it means you are not listed […]

SearchMe Beta Search Engine

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I ran across a new search engine called SearchMe. It’s a visual search engine and has got to be one of the coolest search engines that I’ve ever seen. Reminds me a lot of iPhone. Like any other search engine, when you use it you enter your search term and then it gets totally cool….the […]

How Do We Know Google Can Read And Index Flash Files?

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If you are pondering getting a Macromedia Flash or a html coded website you may ask the following question:
How do we know Google can read and index Flash files?
Trust me, you’ll want to know the answer to this question because if Google could not read Flash files, you would be worried about how to get […]

3 Ways To Get The Googlebot to Visit Your Website

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1. Submit a sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools.
Submitting a sitemap will allow Google to read your sitemap and know when you’ve added new pages to your website.
2. Get More links to your website.
Backlinks are links from other websites on the Internet that point to your webstie. If you have a popular webiste who offers something […]

This site may harm your computer…

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A while ago I was checking out the search engine rankings on one of my websites. I did a Google search for the site and was shocked to find that the site had a warning message above the listing which said, “This site may harm your computer”. The link to my website wasn’t even clickable.  Yikes! I checked my […]

How to Create an XML Sitemap

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A sitemap contains a list of all of the pages that are on a particular website.  It is useful because you can submit the sitemap to search engines to let them know when you have added a new page instead of submitting your pages one by one. Sitemaps help search engine crawlers to index your site faster and […]