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Download a Free Fifties Theme Website Template

I have created a new free download 1950’s style web site template. The template has fifties images of cars and neato teens with records. The colors used in the template are pink, white and 50’s green.  This free fifties web template comes with 1 page and you can make as many additional web pages as you like because the navigation is text links. There are links on the left of the page and at the top of the page.  It would make a good personal website.

This template is really easy to use. Just add your site name on the header, add your page content and upload to your website.

Here’s a preview of what the template looks like:

fifties website template

If you’d like to use this free fifties themed website template, you can download it from here:

[ Download free fifties website template ]



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November 3rd, 2008 at 8:51 pm

One Response to “Download a Free Fifties Theme Website Template”

  1. Nyiesha Moore Says:

    Thanks for the website for my hollywood party!

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