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Free Download Artsy Girl Website Template

I was browsing through The Design Trade website a few weeks ago and came across this really cute image of a young woman. In the illustration she is sketching on a drawing pad. I thought the image would be great to use in a template. I finally had a chance to sit down and do something with the image and am pleased that the template came out so great!

I chose to make a personal home page template with the image. This template can be for just about any type of girls website. I had bought another image of butterflies and combined those two images together in this artsy template. Take a look at the template preview here:

free artsy girl website template

Cute, huh? The images are just beautiful. For the navigation I made buttons that you can use or you can use text links which are on the left side of the web page. There are 3 little dotted boxes that you can use to house your site’s information like contact information, links or whatever. The content area is open for you to add your own websites text. I’ve included pages for home, about and contact. You can make as many additional pages as you like.
[Download Artsy Girl Free Website Template]

The template terms of use are included in the zip file.  I purchased two more images from The Design Trade and plan on making them into website templates soon. Not sure if those will be freebies yet.

The Design Trade is a website for web designers where you can buy a license for images to use in your projects. The graphics are awesome and the prices are great. As you can tell, I am a satisfied and long time customer. :)



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April 22nd, 2009 at 10:12 am

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