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Free Spring Break Web Template

Spring Break is only a few weeks away (YEAH!!) so I thought I’d create a free web template that can be used to showcase your Spring Break vacation pictures and give details about your trip or vacation.

Take a look at the Free Spring Beak template preview here:

spring break 2009 orange beach alabama

This template is fun and has a relaxed feel to it. The header has a beautiful beach scene with a wave washing up on the sandy beach shore. The water is such a pretty blue. I love looking at the ocean.

The first title says, “Spring Break 2009′. I’ve added bold sub titles where you can fill in the blanks about your particular Spring Break vacation. For example, there’s a sub title called “What We Did…”. Below that you’d write what you did for Spring Break. When I use this website template on my own personal website I’ll write about my trip to Orange Beach, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida. The family and I are spending 7 fun filled days there. YEAH!!

Back to the template :) The other titles include, “What We Saw…”, We Had A Blast…”, “We Had The Most Fun…”, “The Food Was…”, “I Wish We Didn’t…”, and On A Scale of 1 to 10…”. I’ve sprinkled in a lot of vacation themed images and web graphics which you add on to additional pages of the website if you choose to make them. The navigation of course is text links which are found at the top of the template. If you want to expand the template past it’s one page you’ll put the new page links in this top navigation area. For the photos I would recommend that you download our free flash photo gallery. It would be a cool addition to the web template.

If you’d like to use this free Spring Break themed beach website template, you can download it from here:

[ Download free Spring Break website template ]

As always, if you use the template I’d appreciate a link back to my website. Enjoy!Gina

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March 5th, 2009 at 7:26 pm

One Response to “Free Spring Break Web Template”

  1. Internet Solutions Says:

    Great web template, it will be in-demand this coming spring break, LOL. Get ready for a lot f downloads.

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