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Free Wedding Themed Web Template

This free wedding web template has an ecommerce theme and is made for someone who sells wedding  related products like wedding dresses, wedding invitations, and wedding accessories. There’s a cute vector illustration of a blushing bride and satin high heels sprinkled with red rose petals and taffeta on the homepage. This template is very customizable for your business.

The top left of this html template allows you to showcase however many product categories you need. Just below this I have included a blank coupon tag. You can use your graphic editor to write something like, “Use Coupon Code SAVE to Save 5%”. There is another blank image to be used for free shipping.

There are additional sections for Favorite Links, About Us, Mailing List and Contact Us…everything an online store needs to have a professional informational Internet presence. You can showcase 6 or more of your products on the home page.  You’ll have to add your own product information such as the product image, product description, product price and link the add to cart button to the link that will add the product to the customers shopping cart. PayPal and 2Checkout are recommended for processing credit cards because of their ease of use.

There is a section for “Welcome to Our Store” and “New Products For the Month”. Finally there is a blank customer service banner which you can add your business telephone number on. You’ll need a graphic editor to add your site name and to customize some of the web graphics. There is one page included with this template but you can make as many additional pages as you need.

Preview the template here:

free wedding template

This template is a scaled down version of our ecommerce website template. If you like this template check out our other ecommerce templates.

If you’d like to use this wedding themed website template, you can download it from here:

[ Download free wedding web template ]

As always, if you use the template I’d appreciate a link back to my website.



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