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.ASIA Domain Name Scam

I received the following scam email message a few days ago:

Dear Manager,

We received a formal application on intending to register “hooverwebdesign ” as their domain name and Internet brand in China and also in Asia from an investment company on Jan. 6th,2009. During our audit period, we find that this Investment company has no trade mark, brand or patent. As a professional institution of domain name registration, we have reasons to suspect this investment company to be a domain name grabber. Therefore, we need your confirmation on two points as follows.
First of all, whether this investment company is your business partner or distributor in China?

Secondly, whether you also need these domain names? (According to the rules of domain name registration, the investment company will be entitled to obtain a domain name but not need the permission from the original trademark owner.)
If you are not in charge of this issue, please transfer this email to the right department.

This is a letter for confirmation. If the mentioned third party is your business partner or distributor in China or in Asia, please DO NOT reply. We will automatically think that this application was from your business partner after our audit period.
Best regards,

Dottm  Network (Shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

TEL :  86-21-312 609 71
FAX :  86-21-312 609 72
Email: ann@dottm.cn

If you receive a similar type email, delete it because it’s a scam. The sender is trying to trick you into purchasing a .ASIA domain name by telling you that someone else is trying to register the domain. More than likely there is no one who is looking to purchase the domain. I also received the same message for a domain which i do not own.



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January 7th, 2009 at 3:13 pm

2 Responses to “.ASIA Domain Name Scam”

  1. Bryce Says:


    Your info.saves me passing this up the line.


  2. Starla L. Touchstone Says:

    Hi nice post, i read your blog from time to time but i was wondering something. I also run a blog on a similar topic, but i get 1,000’s of spam comments and emails every day does that happen to you.. Any ideas to stop it? I currently have commenting disabled but i want to turn it back on.. Thanks!