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Awesome Vacation

I had an awesome spring break vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama last week. It rained the first couple of days so we went to indoor activities like shopping, the IMAX, Mardi Gras Museum and to the Movies to see Escape to Witch Mountain. After that we went to the beach everyday in Pensacola Florida. The Alabama beaches by our hotel were kind of crowded. We saw dolphins in the distance on a few occassions.

orange beach alabamaWe had a lot of great sea food during our trip. Restaurant service there was a lot better than in Memphis. I was a little weirded about by restaurants having a roll of kitchen paper towels on the table for napkins.

We went to visit the Zoo (don’t recommend because it’s kind of of small) and Gator Alley. Gator Alley was the most fun because you actually got to hold a small alligator. Of course I didn’t. My husband and kids did. We came around feeding time and saw them feed the alligators dead chickens.  A few fought over the chickens and hissed when they didn’t get to eat one. There were a lot of alligators there.  I felt bad for the hog they had there because I knew he was going to be alligator food! The tour guide was very knowledgeable and told us how this alligator named Captain Crunch (weighed over 800lbs) was brought to Gator Alley. Apparently the alligator learned how to leave the lake in Tallahassee, Florida and go into peoples backyards and eat their pets (YIKES). Here’s a link to Captain Crunch’s website: http://www.gatoralleyfarm.com/crunch/.

I took a lot of awesome pictures of the beach, ocean, alligators, and places around Mobile Alabama and Pensacola Florida. I’m going to upload most of the pictures to my free stock photo site Hoover Stock. I think I’ll make a few free web templates with beach themes too.

Make sure you come back soon so that you download the freebies. It will probably take a me a week to get back to working again. I barely checked email when I was on vacation.



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March 23rd, 2009 at 11:49 am

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