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CarMax Memphis Sells Junk!

I bought a preowned SUV from CarMax Memphis (7771 Us Highway 64 Memphis, TN 38133) just 3 weeks ago. The car is a 2006 Lincoln Navigator.  I’ve discovered that the car is a beautiful car but looks can be deceiving.A few days after we got the car, the check engine light came on. That was a sign.

lincoln navigator carmax memphis 

We took the car back to CarMax and they supposedly took it to the Dobbs Ford Wolfchase dealership to get fixed. It was either the coil or the #7 fuel injector that was causing the problem. We’re not clear on it because the dealership’s paperwork mentions both.We had a loner car while the Navigator was at the dealership. The loaner car was a Jeep Cherokee. I think we had it for 2 days and on the second day the check engine light was on it too. Give me a break!  

Anyway, today we were driving around and the check engine light came on again and when my husband was accelerating, the car starting making a weird noise. Sounded like the engine was falling out. Geeze!  My husband called CarMax and they tell him HE needs to call the dealership to get it serviced, pretty much washing their hands of it. Figures! Luckily it’s still under waranty but we’ll see how that goes. We stopped at AutoZone and let them put the car on that machine to see what the trouble lights are saying. This is really crazy…it says we have a problem with misfires on cylinders 3, 7, 8 and random misfires. WOW! Supposedly they fixed cylinder 7 before and now we find out that we have 3+ more cylinders with problems. Why didn’t CarMax catch that? It’s doubtful that all these cylindars went out at the same time after we bought the Navigator.

Before we bought the Navigator the sales associate Jeremy went into detail about how the cars were checked out and maintenance services were performed BEFORE the cars were put for sale on the lot. To think I believed that. My husband said probably no basic maintenance was done because the air filter was not even replaced. That’s super basic maintenance.  The air filter was very filthy so my husband replaced it. The car was also dusty inside and out. Now my husband has to take off from work yet again to have the car serviced. I haven’t even paid a car note yet or received a license plate and the car is going back into the shop. That’s completely ridiculous!It’s looking pretty much like CarMax sells junk cars. I wish I had not bought anything there.  Can I get a do-over???? When I got home today I did a quick search for “CarMax Memphis” to see what came up.  I’m not alone in my thinking about them selling junk cars.  They do across the board. There were several complaints from CarMax customers who bought cars that broke down in some manner within the first few days of purchase. Right here in Memphis there were two complaints that I read about. Think twice about buying anything from CarMax Memphis unless you don’t have a problem with putting up money for car repairs as soon as you buy the car. Seriously!


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Update: My husband took the car to Landers Ford (reliable and trustworthy dealership) today and it turns out the Navigator had a clogged up fuel filter. Landers said they couldn’t believe they sold us a car without replacing the fuel filter first. Replacing the fuel filter is also a basic maintenance item. The fuel filter becomes clogged when cheap gas is put into the car and the engine misfires.

Supposedly the problem is fixed now. We had to pay the $89 to Landers ourselves because basic maintenance is not covered under the factory warranty. The problem with the car is becoming clear now. CarMax’s service department is non-existent. Whatever condition they get the cars when they come in is how they sell them. My husband thinks maybe the Managers don’t know but that’s doubtful. When people come in and complain how can you not know?

After he left the dealership, my husband went over to CarMax to tell them what happened. This is about a 35-45 minute drive from our house. He showed CarMax the dirty fuel filter and asked to be reimbursed for the $89 since they should have performed the service before we bought the car. 

CarMax agreed and said they’d reimburse him the $89 but no Manager was there so they’d have to contact my husband later. We’ll see how that goes. I’m really not holding my breath and glad it was not some major problem like needing a new engine or something. We’re setting up another appointment with Landers to go over the entire car and to spot any future problems.


Update: We got the reimbursement check and also a check to let me know they overcharged $30 me for my license plate…which I still haven’t received. I can’t believe it.

carmax reimbursement checks memphis

Update: I’m still waiting to receive my permanent license plate so I wrote the CarMax corporate office the following letter:

I purchased a car in December of 2008. Today is March 6, 2009 and I still do not have my permanent license plate. Whenever we contact the store to find the status of the tag we are told they are “working on it”. Apparently the mileage was wrong on the title. Why it takes 3 months to correct this is beyond me…


Update: I never heard anything from CarMax’s corporate office, but I’m happy that I finally received my permanent license plate. Hallelujah! Glad I am done with them.

December 22nd, 2008 at 8:39 pm

4 Responses to “CarMax Memphis Sells Junk!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hello Gina,

    I am sorry that you had a bad experience at CarMax. I know that this is the exception rather than the rule.

    It is true that if your Truck is still under the manufacturers warranty that you have to take it into a dealership to have it fixed. That is usually explained to you during the final check on the car.

    I work for CarMax and my customers have had generally great service. Unfortunately, we are dealing with mechanical things and mechanical things break.

    My suggestion would be to call your Sales Consultant. They generally do not like an angry customer as they rely on referrals for business.


  2. CarMax Chris Says:

    My name is Chris and I am the social media PR guy at the CarMax home office in Richmond, VA. I am sorry to read of your experience with a newly purchased vehicle at our Memphis store. Please contact the CarMax Customer Relations Department at 1-800-519-1511 and give them the opportunity to assist you with your issue. CarMax strives to offer excellent customer service and we take it very seriously when we read an instance such as this. Thank you.

    Chris W.
    CarMax New Media

  3. k Says:

    i am employed by carmax and i will be perfectly honest. i would not buy a car from car nor would i sell a car to carmax. i have seen us sell cars that are over priced b thousands of dollars. i ask my manager why so high. example 2002 honda civic $11998 u could have bought that in 04 for that price. my managers response was “its carmax customers trust us. ” i dont like to abuse someones trust but unfortunatelly that seems to be the way alot of companies make money. thats not the worse of it by far! we all can figure out we are in a recession. many americans are out the hurting and have no money. in times like these people need money. well that car that u can by from carmax for $11998 they can buy from u for about $2500 to $3000. i brought to the attention of our buying managers and he said “this person needs the money. this maybe the only way he can get it.” that sounds like were abusing or taking advantage of someone financial situation. 125 point inspection? yeah right! im no mechanic but i can notice black smoke coming out of an engine or tail pipe. thats all im going to say.

  4. Leslie Coleman Says:

    Thank you for the information. I’ll spread the word on my website as well- that’s totally ridiculous! CarMax commercials are very deceiving. They claim to complete 18 point inspections and the whole 9. I am very alarmed that you would have such an experience without the dealership agreeing to compensate you for your inconvenience. They could have at least offered free gas and a couple of oil changes.

    Oh well, the business is their’s to lose. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll forward this information to everyone I know, including the organizations I’m apart of.

    Best of luck to you. PS: You should write the BBB as well as review the lemon law - You may be able to give CarMax their problem BACK!!

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