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One of my favorite shows to watch is Intervention. It’s a show on A&E which shows people who use/abuse drugs and prescription drugs.

Their family and friends get together for an intervention to help them understand that they need to go into a drug treatment facility to get help getting off of the drugs. Mostly all of these people have been through some really terrible stuff in their life and they turn to drugs to “lessen” the pain. 

I totally understand where they are coming from. When you hear their stories is breaks your heart. But also, they can’t see that they are hurting themselves and those around them. Overall I think this show is a good thing because it’s helping people. They had a lady on last night, Allison inhaled computer keyboard duster. You could tell it affected her brain cells (lets hope not permanently) and they said if she kept it up her lungs would explode. I was sure they wouldn’t get her to agree to go to treatment but at the end of the show she did. She looked great and you could tell she was more at peace with herself. Some of my favorites from the show were Charles, Emily, Dan, Chad and Marie.

I know the show can’t cure anyone but at least they help you to be on the right track. I think it also serves as a deterant to young people who want to try drugs. If you see how difficult it is to get off of them and the way that you act while you’re on them, maybe you won’t try them.

Well, if you haven’t seen the show, you should check it out.



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August 12th, 2008 at 11:38 am

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