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PC Doctor Memphis Review: Fail

About two weeks ago I got a virus on my computer. I’m not really sure where I got it from but I was looking at real estate websites because I’m looking to sell my home. I could tell that I had a virus because when I would search for something on the Internet the wrong search results would come up. For example I could search for “Hoover Web Design” and the results would not be correct.  My websites title and description would come up but not my url. It would go to some page with nothing but ads. My browser was hijacked.  I bought new anti-virus software and no viruses were found but I knew there was a virus there.

Anyway I thought it would be quicker to take the computer somewhere to have the virus removed. My husband mentioned a computer repair business in a shopping center near our home. We took the computer to PC Doctor Memphis 7825 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38125 901-328-9400  on Tuesday 1-5-09 and they said the computer would be fixed early next week. The diagnostic fee was $25 which would go towards the final fee for fixing the computer. This all sounded great so far.

Friday 1-9-09 I asked my husband to check on the computer. He went by the PC Doctor office and they told him there were 11 computers ahead of my computer. What?? If I had known that I would have taken my computer elsewhere. They told him he could pay $40 to have my computer rushed to the top of the list. Of course he did this. On Saturday hubby called again to check on the status because I told him if they didn’t have the computer done that day I just wanted it back. They said they were looking at it right at that moment but it wouldn’t be fixed until Monday 1-12-09.

Monday comes and they call and say the computer has been “fixed”. Supposedly my computer had 200+ viruses on it and the drivers were infected. Monday evening my husband hooked up the computer and it would not connect to the Internet. Click here to see the video clip  of how my computer was frozen for hours.  When I clicked on a new browser window to get to the Internet, two browser windows would open up and they would alternate back and forth never connecting to the Internet. I couldn’t close the browsers either.  We changed the modem configuration around thinking we must have had something hooked up incorrectly but we could never get the browser to connect to the Internet. The two blank browser windows just continued to stay frozen. Obviously the computer was not fixed. It didn’t behave in this manner before I brought it to them and all PC Doctor did was make my computer worse.

Yesterday 1-13-09, we went to tell PC Doctor that the computer was not fixed and that they didn’t credit the $25 diagnostic fee from the balance. They did not credit us anything and it’s not reflected on the receipt. The PC Doctor guy says they did credit the $25 but “…you can not see it on the receipt”. Take a look at the receipt here. Do you see a $25 credit because I don’t. Do you smell what I smell??? That’s total bull!!

I also asked for proof of there being 200 viruses on my computer and proof that these viruses were removed. At first he said the virus software didn’t print out anything and that it was just on the fly (ever heard of print screen?). I told him that virus checkers generate a log file and then he said that I didn’t ask for a log file (proof) of the viruses so they don’t have any. So I’m supposed to take his word that there were 200 viruses on my computer and that they removed them? Don’t think so.  Obviously they are used to dealing with non-technical people who know nothing about computers so they think they can tell them anything and they’ll buy it.

I highly doubt that 200 viruses could be on my computer as the computer is a work computer that only I use. 200 viruses seems excessive and would appear to be on a computer who’s owner is a porn addict with no virus protection software.  I always have anti-virus software on my PC but I hadn’t updated the definitions and left my computer exposed. :( Some virus software notes tracking cookies as “viruses”. Maybe that’s what happened but I don’t know because I don’t have the log file.

When I told the PC Doctor guy the computer would not get on the Internet and that they did not fix it, his only response was that I must have gotten the computer re-infected. I told him it did not get on the Internet so it could not have been re-infected. I was never able to visit any website so where would the new infected virus come from? He says it’s with my equipment…my modem. Can you believe that?? This guy thinks my modem is infected with a virus. That’s bogus! With that I snatched the receipt from him and walked out the door.

If my modem were infected the new computer I bought would have a virus on it too right, because I’m using the same modem. Visiting PC Doctor was a total waste of my money and I was without my computer for 7 days for nothing!  I have Comcast Internet and talked to a technician and was told that the modem can’t be infected with a virus because it can’t run programs..doesn’t have a processor. The technician said with virus cases like this all that can be done is reformat the hard drive and start over with new software. Rather than telling me they couldn’t fix the computer without reformatting it PC Doctor lied and said they fixed my computer to rip me off of $182.

It’s a lesson learned. In my opinion PC Doctor appears to be hungry for money and make up a phony computer diagnosis which they can’t back up to get more money from unsuspecting customers. I truly regret taking my computer to PC Doctor Memphis because now I have to pay more money to take my computer to Best Buy who actually is knowledgeable about computers and can fix my computer FOR REAL!!! 


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January 14th, 2009 at 11:01 am

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