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Swine Flu It’s a Hot Topic

Everybody is talking about the Swine Flu. Twitter is abuzz about it. Swine Flu does not come from eating pork but it’s a highly contagious disease which can kill the young, old and sickly. The symptoms of swine flu are similar to your typical flu, fever, cough, headache and muscle aches. This strain also causes vomiting and diarrhea.

I didn’t think it was a big matter of concern because there have been no reported cases in Memphis, Tennessee or the state of Tennessee for that matter. My son told me that some kids came to school with masks on their face. I have heard that some child in a Collierville private school may have the H1N1 flu virus. They tested him at St.Jude and have sent the tests to the Centers for Disease Control. So this is very close to home. The health officials are saying they don’t want you to be fearful but they want you to take steps not to catch it. Wash your hands a lot and use hand sanitizer.

The TMZ website had a few commercials (made in the 70’s) that talk about the Swine Flu. If it really spreads like that we all should be wearing masks. BTW, I’ve heard you can’t find any of those surgical masks in the stores so I bought some off of eBay. Thank goodness for eBay:)

Some blogger says he made $2,750 in two days with a blog post about the flu. Wow, check it out here:



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May 1st, 2009 at 10:56 am

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