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Adsense Feature Wish List

With the New Year rolling around soon I thought I share with you my top 5 Adsense wishes:

1. Ability to set the minimum cost per click.

2. Ability to promote a certain advertiser of your choice in a single advertisement, sort of like Referrals use to be. This way the ads can be more target to your content.

3. More flexibility with ad sizes. Some publishers are already doing this and it make the ads blend in so much better with their content.

4. Unlimited competitive ad filter; ability to block advertisers by keywords.

5. Competitive ad filter list to be broken out by domains.

6. Reporting which let’s you know the impact of revenue if you add or remove an advertiser from your competitive filter list.

Some of these wishes will never happen but you can always wish. Fortunately for me I had one of these wishes granted. Can you guess which one? I’ll never tell!



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December 23rd, 2008 at 1:06 pm

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