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Adsense Optimization Webinar

I attended an Google Webinar today called Adsense Optimization Webinar 1. This was the first time, at least for me that you didn’t have to call in to hear the speaker talk. The webinar was broadcasted through your computers speakers. That was nice. I didn’t have to bother with fumbling with the speaker phone and mute button. I never use them so I gotta try and remember :)

The webinar went over pretty basic stuff. The Adsense heat map was reiterated. The Adsense heat map is a guide of where you should place your Google ads so that visitors can be aware of them to generate the most revenue. As you know the ad formats that perform the best are still the 160×600, 300×250 and 336×280. The 728×90 is also a good performer because it is wide and can go across the page making it easy for website visitors to see an ad that they might be interested in. Adsense for search was discussed. Basically you should have the search box at the top of your page for it to be used. They made a a good point when they said if someone can’t find what they want on your website they’ll leave. Offering a search box will help them find what they are looking for.

This webinar was also different because the questions that the attendees had were visible to everyone along with the answer the panelists gave them. That was cool. Once you exited the webinar you could save the Q&A section, which is what I did. That another new feature. Thumbs up Google!  Here are some of the questions that were asked/answered:

Q&A Session for  AdSense Optimization Webinar 1

Session number:  572860900

Date:  April 1, 2009

Starting time:  12:52 pm


Praveen Srinivasan - 12:57 pm

Q: hi

 Nicolas E - 12:58 pm

 A: Hello


Praveen Srinivasan - 12:58 pm

Q: hope this is not another google’s April Fool show ;)

 Blair Q - 12:59 pm

 A: I can assure you it’s definitely not! :)


Randi Thornton - 1:03 pm

Q: has the audio started? i can not hear

 Mike B - 1:04 pm

 A: Yes the audio has started


Ayyan Muzaffar - 1:00 pm

Q: where can i find Google Adsense career details in Pakistan ?

 Dia M - 1:05 pm

 A: You can find information about career opportunities at Google when you visit the Google home page. The direct URL is  http://www.google.com/intl/en/jobs/


victor caballero - 1:04 pm

Q: will this be available afterwards?

 Blair Q - 1:05 pm

 A: Yes we’re recording this session and will be sending out the link to your email address


Aubyn Darlington - 4:03 pm

Q: Volume too low!

 Jane B - 1:07 pm

 A: If you’re still having difficulty hearing the webinar, please call in at 866 469 3239


Ricky Deeez - 1:05 pm

Q: Why cant i hear anything, my audio is turned up.

 Blair Q - 1:07 pm

 A: Hi Ricky, if you’re sure your volume is turned up, you might try just calling in directly toll-free at 866-469-3239


syed muhammad shafiq - 2:14 pm

Q: hello how can i record it?

 Nicolas E - 1:07 pm

 A: We’re recording the webinar, and we’ll send you a link late this week or early next week.


Robert Burnson - 1:06 pm

Q: Audio is breaking up (on dsl) … Anything I can do?

 Jane B - 1:08 pm

 A: Hi Robert, if you’re having difficulty hearing the webinar, please trying calling in at 866 469 3239


david vedder - 1:07 pm

Q: last time I tried Adsense for search it would return no results no matter what the search term — is this a known problem and has it been fixed?

 Mike B - 1:08 pm

 A: That shouldn’t be the issue. One cause could be that you limited the search to too few sites, which had no results for the queries you were trying.


syed muhammad shafiq - 2:15 pm

Q: it is much expensive from pakistan

 Blair Q - 1:09 pm

 A: yes, the number is toll free for US/Canada only. if you’re still having trouble hearing, at the very least, we will be recording this and sending out the link afterward


david vedder - 1:08 pm

Q: no, that was not the issue. I wanted it to search just my site and would type in a search term that I obivuosly know is on many of my page — “search returned zero results” over and over.

 Mike B - 1:10 pm

 A: David - it sounds like this may be a specific problem with your settings, I’d encourage you to email adsense-support@google.com with more details and we can take a closer look


Ayyan Muzaffar - 1:08 pm

Q: How can differentiate between low paying ads and high paying ads ???

 Blair Q - 1:10 pm

 A: Hi Ayyan, one thing you could try is implementing channels on the particular ad units your interested in tracking


Maninder Walia - 1:09 pm

Q: Is it better to merge ads with content or having totally different colors so that they look prominent

 Nicolas E - 1:10 pm

 A: Ads usally perform best when integrated into the content.


Chuck Brook - 1:09 pm

Q: is there an access code to enter when calling in for audio?

 Jane B - 1:11 pm

 A: The event number is 572 860 900


Sebastian Kuttamperoor - 1:10 pm

Q: Is it possible to see the chat history afterwards

 Jane B - 1:12 pm

 A: The chat history won’t be posted, but the audio will be recorded and we’ll be addressing some of the most asked questions at the end of the presentation


Chuck Brook - 1:10 pm

Q: I called the 866 number and it asked for for an access code

 Jane B - 1:12 pm

 A: Hi Chuck, the event number is 572 860 900


Mauro Mazzocchini - 1:10 pm

Q: Are adsense interest based ads already appearing on websites? If yes, are they also in foreign languages besides english?

 Jennifer S - 1:12 pm

 A: No, we won’t start running interest based ads until April 9th. They will be available in all languages but we’re starting with a small group of advertisres so you may not see an immediate impact.


Gary IIllyes - 1:11 pm

Q: Can a publisher by any chance opt out of CPM based ads?

 Blair Q - 1:12 pm

 A: Hi Gary, you can use the Ad Review Center to opt out of placement targeted ads - for more information, check out https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=43688

 Blair Q - 1:15 pm

 A: to follow up, placement targeted ads can be CPM or CPC based. we’re always choosing the highest paying ads, so it’s in your interest to have them show. why do you not want them to show?


Tom Goering - 1:00 pm

Q: Does the privacy policy have to be accessable from every page that displays ads or can it be a link on just the index page?

 Dia M - 1:13 pm

 A: Hi Tom, you need to have a privacy policy on your site and it has to be accessible. For legal reasons, we’re unable to give you specific guidance on this issue. However, as long as it’s easily accessible you should be fine


colin Noden - 1:11 pm

Q: is the ad content determined by the text above the ad?

 Nicolas E - 1:13 pm

 A: Ads are targeted to the text content on the page.


Hany Freedom - 1:13 pm

Q: what is ( http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net ) …. I always see it on the URL of any AdSense !!!

 Mike B - 1:13 pm

 A: That is the domain URL that AdSense ads are served from Hany, so it will be associated with most AdSense ads.


Vaughn Aubuchon - 1:11 pm

Q: Why was the square 250 missing from the comparisons?

 Blair Q - 1:14 pm

 A: Hi Vaughn, we’ve found that the 300×250 medium rectangle traditionally perform much better than the 250×250


Fausto Saldi - 1:12 pm

Q: Within a text ad, how is it possible to change the color of the ‘Ads by Google’ caption? Thanks.

 Nicolas E - 1:14 pm

 A: This is the same as the border color you select for the ad unit.


Les Henderson - 1:04 pm

Q: Since I’ve made a fair bit on YouTube ads I’m disappointed that you are dropping them. Why not just tweak it or drop those that it’s not successful for?

 Dia M - 1:15 pm

 A: Hi Les, this webinar is focussed primarily on AFC and AFS optimizations. For other questions, please email adsense-support@google.com and one of our specialists will personally answer your question


Manuel Lemos - 1:14 pm

Q: Will this webinar be available as video in YouTube?

 Jane B - 1:15 pm

 A: Hi Manuel, the webinar won’t be posted, however we will be emailing it to the participants afterward


Muzaffer BayramoÄŸlu - 1:09 pm

Q: what is the magical font color combination for maximizing ctr

 Jennifer S - 1:16 pm

 A: There is no magical font color combination for maximizing CTR. However, we do recommend that you choose colors that match those already on your site.


stephen duckworth - 1:14 pm

Q: I would like to know if it is ok to hide adsense ads using css - this will allow me to experiment with the “less is more” concept without having to remove all of the AdSense ads; i can just set the class to “hidden” for the duration of the experiment.

 Mike B - 1:16 pm

 A: Please don’t don’t make a request for ads but hide them Foster, this will impact the performance statistics of ads on your site. If you’d like to show less ads it would be better to temporarily comment out the code on your page.


Chitu Ionut Alexandru - 1:15 pm

Q: Many applications block/remove the cookies for doubleclick.net. Will this affect ad reporting?

 Nicolas E - 1:17 pm

 A: This should have no impact on AdSense reporting.


Gary IIllyes - 1:16 pm

Q: It’s not me who don’t want to show CPM based ads as I find any penny usefull. I was asked by a client and I couldn’t give an answer

 Blair Q - 1:17 pm

 A: I would encourage your client to show them as they will make him/her more money.


Alexandre Machado - 1:15 pm

Q: I have a REal Estate website on wich I would like to place Moving Companies ads, how can it be done?

 Jane B - 1:17 pm

 A: Hi Alexandre, our targeting is based on an automated system that looks at many elements of your page such as content, font characteristics, etc. We can’t manually adjust the ads, I recommend adding more content related to moving


Les Henderson - 1:09 pm

Q: I run a fraud awareness site and find that many ads for “work at home” or “making money” are total and obvious scams. Do you ever ban any groups or get rich schemes from advertising?

 Jennifer S - 1:18 pm

 A: Ads are required to comply with our AdWords editorial policy but if you have specfic feedback about ads you’re seeing, please provide it on the following form: https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/request.py?contact=adfeedback


Ciprian Bortos - 1:15 pm

Q: I know we can modify the font, the colors of an ad from adsense acount but it is possible to  manage the dimensions (size) of the ads ?

 Jane B - 1:18 pm

 A: Hi Ciprian, you can adjust the size of your ads within your AdSense account


Derek Wolf - 1:06 pm

Q: Do you see google allowing custom sizing of ads on sites

 Dia M - 1:19 pm

 A: Hi Derek, we appreciate your feedback about these new features, and encourage you to continue to let us know how we can improve AdSense We recently lauched different fonts for ad units, and are constantly working to improve the features we have available.

 Dia M - 1:19 pm

 A: If we launch the custom ad units in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Kevin Pletcher - 1:17 pm

Q: are image ads always CPM, or are those paid on a CPC basis too, or hybrid.

 Nicolas E - 1:19 pm

 A: Image ads can be CPC as well as CPM.


Chitu Ionut Alexandru - 1:11 pm

Q: Why there’s no option to block animated ads, video ads or Flash ads and they’re all considered “image ads”?

 Jennifer S - 1:19 pm

 A: Thanks for the feedback, we’ll make sure to share this with our product team. To block a specific ad creative, please use the Ad Review Center.


yanni raz - 1:14 pm

Q: I’m trying to find out what am i doing wrong on my blog, I don’t get enough clicks, I use the 300*250 ads and 729*90 only text. can you give me advice with that?

 Jane B - 1:20 pm

 A: Hi Yanni, I recommend testing out the tips we’re covering in this webinar. Larger ad units, more prominent location, inserting the ads within your content, etc.


Sebastian Kuttamperoor - 1:05 pm

Q: How should I update my privacy policies with respect to Interest based Advertising

 Dia M - 1:20 pm

 A: Hi Sebastian - In regard to internet based advertising and updates that need to be made, please review the guidelines in our help center: https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?answer=100557.

 Dia M - 1:21 pm

 A: These are the same guidelines that are in place for cookies


mahad azad - 1:19 pm

Q: how can i record this video?

 Nicolas E - 1:20 pm

 A: We’re recording the webinar, and we’ll send you a link later this week or early next week.


daniel friedman - 1:18 pm

Q: Is there research on best placement of the Search box on web pages?

 Mike B - 1:20 pm

 A: Wherever it will be obvious to your publishers will be best. We’ve  found on many sites this is near the top and middle, but depending on your layout it could be different.


Dmitri Kazanski - 1:14 pm

Q: What’s the approx. ratio of accross the board eCPMs for 336×280 vs 300×250 (ex: 1.2 to 1 or something like this)? We currently use 300×250, and we would like to estimate the benefit of switching to 336×280.

 Alton L - 1:21 pm

 A: Hi Dmitri, as you can imagine, the eCPMs will vary according to site content and ad placements. In general, we’ve seen the 336×280 generate a slightly higher CTR than the 300×250. But the 300×250 generates more Placement Targeted rev


Marc Onigman - 1:19 pm

Q: Is it OK to encourage users to use the scroll function on the ads?

 Nicolas E - 1:21 pm

 A: This is a violation of our program policies.


Marcus Smith - 1:11 pm

Q: you say that 336*280 is best performing - but elsewhere you say I should use 300*250 because it includesmore image/video ads. Which is best?

 Jennifer S - 1:21 pm

 A: We’d encourage you to test each size with channels to see which performs best for you. Typically, if your site receives more text ads, the 336×280 will work better for you.


Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen - 1:01 pm

Q: Hi! Can I share what I’ve learned on my writing blog, or is this private info?

 Dia M - 1:22 pm

 A: Hi Laurie, yes you’re welcome to share this information with other users on your blog


Ari Kalogeropoulos - 1:19 pm

Q: When I first began with adsense for search, i had the option to have a radio button for site search or web search. Now I see either site search, web search or collection of sites. Is the radio button option gone?

 Mike B - 1:22 pm

 A: We did remove that option from the AdSense Front End, but if you think your users were finding this useful it is possible to create two AFS units: 1 for your site, and 1 for the web.


joju paul.n - 1:14 pm

Q: i would like to know we want to place a separate page for privacy policy

 Jane B - 1:22 pm

 A: Hi Joju, you need to have a privacy policy on your site and it has to be accessible. For legal reasons, we’re unable to give you specific guidance on this issue. However, as long as it’s easily accessible you should be fine


Hitesh Lakhani - 1:04 pm

Q: recently we have seen around 30% low down in google adsense earnings, what could be reason behind that ??

 Dia M - 1:23 pm

 A: Hi Hitesh, for any questions regarding your AdSense revneue, please write into adsense-support@google.com. Someone from our team will be happy to review your account earnings and provide you with more information


Steve Lavey - 1:20 pm

Q: If I add the search box, is that part of the three ads per page limitation?

 Nicolas E - 1:24 pm

 A: No. You can place 3 ad units, 2 search boxes, and 3 link units on each page.


edward hooper - 1:16 pm

Q: i have a blogspot.com blog and there is no way to place an ad at the top of a post - only at the bottom of a post so is it acceptable to place the adsense code in the top of each post manually?

 Jane B - 1:24 pm

 A: Hi Edward, you may place an ad anywhere on your site as long as you don’t alter the code as it’s generated within your account


Hany Freedom - 1:22 pm

Q: we are 5 friends in one network , so we use one Router  …….. is there any problem to make for every one of us his own account at Google Adsense ……. or that will be difficult because  Google will see us as one IP  ??!!!!

 Mike B - 1:24 pm

 A: It’s not a problem to have muliple accounts login using one internet connection.


James Jordan - 1:19 pm

Q: I have 3 adsense boxes on my website…but I am adding the Google Map API to my

site….can I embed adsense in the map too?

 Blair Q - 1:24 pm

 A: Hi James, while we don’t offer moneitzation directly through adsense for your Google maps API, you may do so through maps- check out http://code.google.com/apis/maps/index.html


Ayyan Muzaffar - 1:14 pm

Q: Image ads are hard to blend in template and they always got low CTR. Any help regarding Image ads Blending ??

 Jennifer S - 1:25 pm

 A: Image ads often pay on an impression basis so a click isn’t always required to receive revenue. We’d suggest opting into image and text enabled ads and not just image only so we can always show the best ad.


Kevin Pletcher - 1:16 pm

Q: can you show the heatmap again before the end of the presentation?

 Jane B - 1:26 pm

 A: Hi Kevin, we’re going to email all of the participants the webinar after the presentation


Henry Chuong - 1:23 pm

Q: Can I combine both AdSense and AdBrite ads on my site?

 Blair Q - 1:27 pm

 A: as long as the ads don’t mimic the look and feel of Google ads, it’s OK to place them on the same page together. as long as you can tell the difference between the two, you should be fine.


Edward Furey - 1:11 pm

Q: The red section is hot but I have always avoided it thinking that users clicking it would increase the “bounce rate” of my pages/ sites and eventually rank them lower.  Does this make sense?

 Dia M - 1:27 pm

 A: Hi Edward, the AdSense team is unable to answer questions related to the Google Search Index. If you have questions about your site’s listing in Google, I’d recommend visiting http://www.google.com/support/webmasters.

 Alton L - 1:28 pm

 A: Hi Edward, this definitely makes sense. For publishers, we don’t want to sacrifice your user experience. The heat map represents the most frequented areas and we hope you can find a happy medium between users and ad placements.


Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen - 1:19 pm

Q: Can I write up the most important things I’ve learned from this webinar, and share with my blog readers, giving credit to this webinar by Google?

 Jane B - 1:27 pm

 A: Hi Laurie, feel free to share this information on your site.


Jon Reid - 1:25 pm

Q: I have an “all pages” unit, how can I tell which pages got clicks?

 Nicolas E - 1:27 pm

 A: You’ll need to create separate ad units for each page/layout you want to track and add a unique custom channel to each.


Suyash Gupta - 1:12 pm

Q: my earnings dropped by 60% during the past two months. any specific reasons for it??

 Dia M - 1:28 pm

 A: Hi Suyash, for any questions regarding your AdSense revneue, please write into adsense-support@google.com. Someone from our team will be happy to review your account earnings and provide you with more information


Julian thomas - 1:12 pm

Q: I have some problem with urlchannel,its always higher than ad channel,For example if ad channel isn 250 impressions url channel shows 500 impressons.( i facing this problem after using video ads )

 Dia M - 1:29 pm

 A: When you’re viewing channel reports, the data for all your URL and custom channels may show a larger number of page impressions, clicks and earnings than the aggregate data for the same date range.

 Dia M - 1:29 pm

 A: This is because some impressions and clicks may be tracked on both a URL and a custom channel or on multiple URL or custom channels. For example, impressions and clicks on a URL channel for domain.com/site would also be tracked on a URL channel for domain.

 Dia M - 1:30 pm

 A: To view the overall performance of your account, visit your ‘Advanced Reports’ page, select the ‘Aggregate Data’ radio button, and click ‘Display Report.’ This will include all clicks, page impressions and earnings from your account with no duplication of


rene beekman - 1:28 pm

Q: i’ve been trying to find the answer to this in adsense help and forum, seen lots of people ask the same question, but still have no answer: i have a client who has several websites split over two adsense accounts. how do we combine these two accounts?

 Mike B - 1:29 pm

 A: Rene, there’s no way to combine the historic statistics between the two accounts. You can choose 1 account and starting using the ads from that account for both sites going forward if you wish.


Tsvetomir Denev - 1:17 pm

Q: Hi. About in-stream ads. Do you offer graphic/text overlay ads to publishers with less then a million streams per month?

 Jennifer S - 1:29 pm

 A: Sounds like you’re referring to AdSense for Video. At this time, we do require publishers applying have at least 1 million video views (http://www.google.com/ads/videoadsolutions/publisher.html).


James Jordan - 1:29 pm

Q: Hi Blair according to the Map API…i can embed adsense in my Google Maps…see here… http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/services.html#Advertising

 Blair Q - 1:30 pm

 A: yes, i was saying before that you won’t find any information directly related to this in your adsense account and you’ll need to go through Google code


Kim Charette - 1:29 pm

Q: Does Google plan to allow AdSense ads in subscription e-mail newsletters any time soon?

 Jennifer S - 1:30 pm

 A: We don’t have any plans on that for now, but thanks for your feedback.


Randy G - 1:29 pm

Q: Are there any statistics on blocking ads that frequently appear on the site to improve a change of ad content and increased earnings?

 Jane B - 1:30 pm

 A: Hi Randy, this kind of change to your targeting impacts everyone differently. I recommend blocking the sites and monitoring your revenue to monitor the impact.


Praveen Srinivasan - 1:29 pm

Q: Any timeframe on when the Adsense-Analytics tracking will be released to all the publishers?

 Nicolas E - 1:31 pm

 A: There’s a link to a sign up form at the top of the AdSense blog.


syed muhammad shafiq - 2:22 pm

Q: there is permission to make many on blogs?

 Dia M - 1:31 pm

 A: Hi Syed, you’re welcome to place Google ads and earn revenue from these ads, on any webpages or blogs that comply with our program policies


Rolf Hicker - 1:29 pm

Q: when we make changes/testing new ad’s: for how long do you recommend to monitor till we can identify if we have improvements or declines? Problem is the fluctuation in CPM to really decide what is right/wromg

 Nicolas E - 1:32 pm

 A: I recommend testing changes for at least 2-3 weeks.


mahad azad - 1:29 pm

Q: Please tell me the alternative guys my friend is very much worried about it, he has not got the pin code yet, its been 3 month has reissued it 3 times but all in vain… Please tell me if there is other alternative to get one’s postal address get verified

 Jane B - 1:32 pm

 A: Hi Mahad, please have your friend go to the help center www.google.com\adsense\support


James Jordan - 1:29 pm

Q: my question is if I have 3 text boxes and then 1 more embedded in the Adsense API is that a violation?

 Blair Q - 1:32 pm

 A: hi james, if you’re adding 4 AFC ad units to the same page, that would be in violation of our policy


Lori Krout - 1:29 pm

Q: When we get the copy of the webinar, will we also be able to read through the chat Q&A?

 Jennifer S - 1:33 pm

 A: We are not currently recording the chat, but thanks for your feedback. We can consider this in future webinars.


rene beekman - 1:30 pm

Q: mike, does that affect ad placement or revenue?

 Mike B - 1:33 pm

 A: Over time our systems do learn about what ads perform best with your account and site, so there may be an adjustment period if you switch accounts. However it should be minimal.


Foster Coburn - 1:14 pm

Q: The heat map said to put ads directly under the top navigation. The problem is that the drop-down menus of navigation go behind the ads. This means more clicks, but not for the right reasons. How can we make sure the ads stay behind the menus.

 Dia M - 1:33 pm

 A: Hi Foster, while we recommend optimizing your ad placements, they have to be within our program policies. If your navigation bar has drop-down menus that go behind the ads, we recommend moving the ads further down so they don’t interfere with the bar


charlene iniguez - 1:27 pm

Q: what is your experience on borders? does it help or hinder?

 Blair Q - 1:33 pm

 A: Hi Charlene, typically it’s best not to include borders, but above all try to format the ads so that they match the look and feel of your site


Tom Goering - 1:29 pm

Q: Suggestion: You should have a link to the AdSense forum or blog on your system maint/down pages.

 Nicolas E - 1:33 pm

 A: Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into this.


Judy Jones - 1:31 pm

Q: Can you add a search box to any website?

 Mike B - 1:34 pm

 A: Yes Judy, you’re free to use AFS boxes on any of your sites.


Francis Rath - 1:32 pm

Q: Hi! I tried to sign up for the optional mailings, but the only option I found was for periodic newsletters. Have these options been rolled out to all accounts?

 Jennifer S - 1:34 pm

 A: Hi Francis, thanks for the note. This option should be rolled out in the next couple days.


Henry Chuong - 1:31 pm

Q: Is it OK to have AdSense Ads ONLY above the fold, and page content below the fold?

 Jane B - 1:34 pm

 A: Hi Henry, we recommend that you integrate ads with your content. This kind of implementation may result in accidental clicks which may negatively impact your eCPM.


victor caballero - 1:29 pm

Q: where was the resources page, i can’t find in my account

 Blair Q - 1:35 pm

 A: hi victor, the resources page is the last tab on the right in your account, next to the ‘my account’ tab


Oscar Mota - 1:35 pm

Q: is there a part 2 of this webinar ?

 Blair Q - 1:36 pm

 A: Hi Oscar, there’s no part 2 to this webinar. What are you interested in hearing more about?


Kevin Pletcher - 1:29 pm

Q: are there different versions of adsense?  I’m looking to change my contact preferences as Andrew just showed, and I’m not seeing those options?

 Nicolas E - 1:36 pm

 A: The version of the contact preferences that Andrew showed you will be live in your account in the next 1-2 days. Please check back in your account to set your preferences.


Maninder Walia - 1:15 pm

Q: I once heard preferred sites where actually ads by google doesn’t come is it true?

 Dia M - 1:37 pm

 A: Hi Maninder, I’m not sure which specific feature you’re referring to. However, we are constantly testing certain features for a limited number of publishers.

 Dia M - 1:38 pm

 A: If you’d like more information on the feature you mentioned, please write into adsense-support@google.com, and one of our team members will be happy to address your issue


Muzaffer BayramoÄŸlu - 1:30 pm

Q: is it possible to create custom channels for specific keywords in url

 Blair Q - 1:37 pm

 A: Hi Muzzafer, you can create URL channels for specific URLs, but not certain keywords with the URL. for more info, check out https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=13993


Greg Hurley - 1:18 pm

Q: I would like to know what is considered a low vs high CTR.  I have CTRs that range a lot, but not sure what Google considers as “good” CTR.

 Jennifer S - 1:38 pm

 A: CTRs vary per publisher depending on thier site type, vertical, layout, etc. So there is not a way to confirm exactly what is a good or bad CTR.


Manuel Lemos - 1:32 pm

Q: How do we pick the best places in our sites that would be more attractive for advertisers to buy as ad placements that they would be willing to pay more? Home page? try some places and see what works?

 Jane B - 1:38 pm

 A: Hi Manual, I recommend trying out the tips mentioned in this webinar. Larger ad units, such as wide skyscrapers and medium rectangles, have the most inventory and are attractive to advertisers.


Fausto Saldi - 1:30 pm

Q: Is it true that all of a publisher’s channels are penalized in terms of revenue per click if one of his/her channels has got a CTR lower than 3%? Thanks.

 Nicolas E - 1:39 pm

 A: This is not true. Channels enable you to track the performance of ad placements. We don’t ‘penalize’ your revenue based on a low performing channel.


Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen - 1:33 pm

Q: If I have a 2 sidebar blog, should I put my 3 adsense boxes together in one block, or break them up with boxes of tags, categories, etc?

 Jane B - 1:40 pm

 A: Hi Laurie, I recommend experimenting with different placements and tracking their performance with channels. I recommend splitting up the ads around your site where your users are most likely to be looking.


Sebastian Kuttamperoor - 1:21 pm

Q: Is it possible for the participants to see  chat history after the session ?

 Jennifer S - 1:40 pm

 A: The chat Q&A is not currently being recorded. We appreciate your understanding.


Suyash Gupta - 1:15 pm

Q: do more number of ads placed on one page result in low cpc?

 Dia M - 1:40 pm

 A: Usually, most publishers see overall revenue gains if they place more ad units on their pages. Publishers may see a decrease in the average “eCPM” in their account, but this is expected because the additional ads on a page will generate lower per-click rev


Lois Turley - 1:37 pm

Q: FYI in future surveys Q. 8 on the survey ask question but didn’t provide place to type info.  I had to ignore it.

 Jennifer S - 1:40 pm

 A: Thanks for letting us know.

 Jennifer S - 1:41 pm

 A: You can send any feedback to adsense-webinar@google.com.


Manuel Lemos - 1:37 pm

Q: Do you think it is a good idea to rotate the places where the same ad appear in different pages so the user does not get used to the same place to avoid ad blindness?

 Alton L - 1:41 pm

 A: Hi Manuel, rotating ad placements might be a good experiment. Also, rotating ad colors could be a good way to update the look of your ads to avoid ad blindness.


colin Noden - 1:39 pm

Q: does age of a site or content make a difference in content of the ads?

 Mike B - 1:41 pm

 A: Colin, very new pages will need to be crawled before ads can be best targeted. Also, over time our systems will learn which ads perform best on your sites, so it is possible for ad relevance to improve over time.


Rahul Bansal - 1:38 pm

Q: I recently started a company and I would like to convert my existing adsense account from personal to business one. Basically I need payment to be issued in the name of company. Is that possible?

 Jane B - 1:42 pm

 A: Hi Rahul, you can change your payee name within your AdSense account.


Hubert Heller - 1:16 pm

Q: Is there a way to have one’s page reviewed by a Google optimisation expert?

 Dia M - 1:42 pm

 A: Hi Hubert, to have your website reviewed by an optimization specialist, please send your request to adsense-webinar@google.com


Kevin Sample - 1:41 pm

Q: I’m having trouble removing the borders from GFS ads.  Am I just overlooking the correct setting?  My site’s bgcolor is white and I’m setting the border to #FFFFFF but still I get gray borders.

 Mike B - 1:43 pm

 A: Kevin, we our system doesn’t complete removal of the borders (white #FFFFFF) but you can choose a very light border color.


Vaughn Aubuchon - 1:41 pm

Q: There was no way to answer question 8, and some other questions needed another option.

 Alton L - 1:44 pm

 A: Hi Vaughn, sorry about the mix-up. If you have ideas for future webinar topics, please send them to adsense-webinar@google.com


Ed Warnock - 1:35 pm

Q: Sometimes I have a spike in Impressions but the CTR drops.  What would be the cause of the drop?

 Blair Q - 1:44 pm

 A: Hi Ed, there are many factors that can cause fluctuations in performance, including ad relevance, user behavior, placement targeting, ad placement. it’s hard to say w/o looking at your site.

 Blair Q - 1:45 pm

 A: if you’d like an optimization specialist to proivde you opt suggestions, write to adsense-webinar@google.com


Eduardo Crea - 1:16 pm

Q: How many ads my account needs to display a month in order to be allowed to modify the style of the ads (fonts, sizes, colors, etc)

 Dia M - 1:44 pm

 A: Hi Eduardo, we recently launched different font types for ad units. Regarding the other characteristics, we’re constantly running experiments with a limited number of publishers.

 Dia M - 1:45 pm

 A: There isn’t a specific number of ads you’re required to display to participate in these experiments. However, we’ll be sure to keep you in mind for any future experiments we run


Lorri Collins - 1:42 pm

Q: how important is the text right before the ad placement

 Nicolas E - 1:44 pm

 A: Ads are targeted to the text content on the whole page, not just the text right before the ad.


Suyash Gupta - 1:35 pm

Q: my website is an image based website. how far should my ads be from the images to prevent violation of any policy

 Jane B - 1:44 pm

 A: Hi Suyash, please use your best judgement. If you think your ads may be confused as content, I recommend following your instincts and opting for a less aggressive implementation


michael winning - 1:18 pm

Q: Can I have different color layouts for channels?

 Dia M - 1:46 pm

 A: Hi Michael, the color layouts are specific to each ad unit. So publishers can’t set color layouts for channels

 Dia M - 1:47 pm

 A: However, once you choose the colors for your ad unit, you can assign a custom channel to that unit to see how those colors perform for you


Vaughn Aubuchon - 1:44 pm

Q: The 250×250 is the ONLY ad format I use, and I was disappointed to see it missing from you analysis.  IT is great because 1) it limits the # of ads to 3, and 2) the text is the largest of all the rectangular formats.  Where does it fit in the spectrum?

 Alton L - 1:47 pm

 A: Hi Vaughn, if the 250×250 works well for your site, you should definitely continue to use it. We’ve seen the 300×250 and the 336×280 ad sizes perform the best in this square/rectangle sizes, but placements should always work for you and your users first.


Gary IIllyes - 1:43 pm

Q: Is that true that if a site is an old one, say it has been up and doing well for more years, will typically have higher earnings per clicks?

 Jane B - 1:47 pm

 A: Hi Gary, the age of a website doesn’t directly impact the CPC of your ads. It may be that more advertisers are aware of the site and bidding on units, which would increase the cost of the ad through the auction.


colin Noden - 1:44 pm

Q: thanks Mike, so what about sites with very different topics published under a single account?  Does each site have its own merit and history?

 Mike B - 1:47 pm

 A: Yes - each site will have its own merit and history, so it’s not a problem to use one publisher id on various distinct sites.


Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen - 1:44 pm

Q: How do I place ads at the end of my blog posts? Or is this a wordpress question?

 Jennifer S - 1:47 pm

 A: I’d recommend checking with other WordPress users (i.e. in a forum) to see how to implement this.


Suresh k - 1:45 pm

Q: If I give two custom search box in one page  , only one is working, the other one is not working , why is it so.

 Mike B - 1:48 pm

 A: Suresh - do you mean no results appear when using the second box? Or just the Google logo doesn’t appear on the second search box?


Bharath Kumar - 1:19 pm

Q: Does the new fonts intorduced recently are really useful??Sometimes they(fonts in ads) are changing even if I don’t change the font

 Dia M - 1:48 pm

 A: Hi Bharath, if your ad unit fonts are set to default, we are running some tests with different font types to see which ones perform well. However you’re free to customize the font in your ad units to match the font style on your site

 Dia M - 1:49 pm

 A: Also, the tests are only for a limited number of time


alamsyah rasyid - 1:37 pm

Q: any example or story around ads blindness?

 Jane B - 1:49 pm

 A: Hi Alamsyah, we recommend you place your ads in areas of your site that your users are likely looking. Also, removing the borders of your site will lower the likelihood that your users will miss the ad


Vaughn Aubuchon - 1:16 pm

Q: Blair - Yes I know.  But where does it fit in the hierarchy of ad performance?

 Blair Q - 1:49 pm

 A: Hi Vaughn, the top tier of ad sizes are the 728×90, 300×250, 336×280, 160×600. if it all possible, use these sizes over the rest.


Kevin Sample - 1:45 pm

Q: That’s very strange, because in all the documentation I’ve seen it shows ads w/out borders, and it’s suggested that you remove borders for best performance.  Is borderless ads a planned feature?

 Nicolas E - 1:49 pm

 A: Hi Kevin. You can ‘remove’ borders by making them the same color as the page.


Vaughn Aubuchon - 1:20 pm

Q: Blair - And why is it so conspicuously absent from the chart.  Does this imply denigration of the 250×250 format?

 Blair Q - 1:49 pm

 A: please see my response above



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