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Adsense Urban Legends

Do you ever hear other webmasters making these weird, almost unbelieveable statements about the Google Adsense program that sound ridiculous?  But then when you think about it, you don’t know if they are right or not? After all, any thing is possible!  Truth be told, below are some of the more common Adsense Urban Legends that have been floating around for a while. 

Myth #1 - If you login to check your earnings too frequently, it will decrease your earnings.

False. Now matter how frequently or infrequently you login to check your stats it will not affect your income one way or another.

Myth #2 - If you are banned from Adsense you can fool Google and get another account using someone else’s name and contact information.

False. Google will eventually find out and ban you again…right before you reach $100 and are due a payment. Try an alternative like Kontera, CJ, Bidvertiser, etc.

Myth #3 - If you put a fresh adsense code on your page your earning are higher in the first few days than the rest of the time they are in service.

Not true. If this does happen it’s a coincidence.

Myth #4 - If you use an amatuerish design on your website you can get more clicks by making the visitors wanting to go somewhere else.

False. While this may work in the short run, if you use a poor design your site visitiors will leave disappointed and you’ll risk getting any returning users.

Myth #5 - You can get away with cheating by clicking your own ads or asking friends or family members to click the ads for you.

False. You’ll get banned.

Myth #6 - Everytime Adsense goes down for Site Maintenance on Saturdays, ad revenue is impacted negatively.

False. Ads still appear on your website and earnings continue to be tracked in your account even though you can’t login.

Myth #7 - If you use Adsense you’ll rank higher in the search engines.

False. Too bad that one isn’t true. Using Adsense and your search engine ranking do not have anything to do with one another.

Myth #8 - Google ranks business websites lower so that they’ll have to use Adwords to get decent traffic.

False. You don’t have to use Adwords to get good traffic. Concentrate on achieving natural search engine listings by adding descriptive meta tags to your pages and building links with similar websites.

Now for some true facts:

#1  - You can make hundreds of dollars a Day with Adsense.

True. With the right website, niche, ad placement and crazy traffic you can make hundreds of dollars a day with Adsense. 

Two examples:  http://www.plentyoffish.com and http://www.shoemoney.com.

#2  - You don’t have to cheat to make money with Adsense.

True. Hard work, unique content, website traffic and finely tuned ad placement are all you need to be successful with Adsense.



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