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Adsense Webinar: Adsense Placement Targeting

I attended an Adsense Webinar today. For those of you who don’t know what a webinar is it is a seminar that is given on the web. It’s very cool.

After receiving an invitation, you register with your name and email address and are given a web link to attend the meeting.

adsense webinar screen

On the day of the webinar you click the web link to join the meeting. Next you call a toll free number, enter your passcode so that you can hear what is being discussed. Be sure to mute your phone so that who’s ever on the conference call won’t hear your background noise.  Usually the seminar instructor will have a series of PowerPoint slides for you to view.

adsense placement targeting slide

I’m only going to discuss a few of the seminar points that I learned. This particular webinar was about Placement Targeting. Placement Targeting allows Adwords advertisers to choose specific placements of where they’d like to see their ads appear on a publishers website.

If you are a publisher and want to look at your placement targeted ads, do the following from your Adsense account:

Advanced Reports
Show Data by Individual Ad,
Show data by targeting type - contextual or placement

When I ran this report for my website, none of my ads were placement because I opted out of CPM ads.

I also learned how to attract advertisers. Adwords advertisers can target publisher websites by category, topics, urls and demographics.Google recommends using the following ad block sizes:

300×250               728×90           160×600

suggested ad sizes

My Adsense account strategist suggested that I change my ad sizes from 336×280 to 300×250 on a few of my pages and I did notice an increase in ad revenue. I’ve been changing out all my 336×280 ads to 300×250.

Back to the webinar….

If you want advertisers to target your website and would like advertisers to know the demographics about your website such as average age of visitors, hobbies, nationality and such you can send this information to your account strategist. They will make this information available to advertisers only when necessary.


To see the transcripts and presentations from the webinar please go here: https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?answer=22045



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March 11th, 2008 at 2:33 pm

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