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Adsense Webinar on AdSense for Search

I just attended an Adsense Webinar on AdSense for Search: Improve the user experience and generate revenue. This webinar was very short and lasted about 20 minutes. This was followed by the Question and Answer session which lasted about 15 minutes due to the compiling of participant questions. The webinar covered the following areas:

Detailed instructions on setting up Adsense for Search and Custom Search Engine

Reviewing your for search performance within your Adsense account.

Connecting your Custom Search Engine with your Adsense account.

Advanced Features

 - Excluding Urls

 - Refining search results

The host planned on going into more detail about the advanced features but changed their mind. An advanced features screen showed only for a few seconds. It was quickly removed and the host said they’d send a help link for advanced features.


1) Add two search boxes on each side of page

2) Add your ads on the top and right of the page

3) Host search results on your website

4) Use channels to track your performance

5) Customize your search engine to match your site and add your logo

6) Experiment with different layouts

They also gave the examples of a few websites who were implementing these tips and earning from it. Yell.com, Maps of World.com, Sparkle Box and FinFacts.ie.

Using those tips can help you to obtain the maximum amount of revenue from Adsense for Search.



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October 28th, 2009 at 11:52 am

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