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Calculate Potential Google Adsense Revenue

Have you ever visited a website and noticed that the website had an excellent Google ad placement? You probaby wondered how much they might earn with the Adsense Program. Well, today I ran across a website called Adsensemeter.com. All you do is put in a website url and it says it can calculate the amount of revenue earned from the Google Adsense Program.

I put in my domain, hooverwebdesign.com and it says for November 2008 I could earn $3,927. It also gives an estimation of ad revenue for December and January with ad revenue going down.

 calculate potential google adsense revenue

In my case, the ad revenue estimation was totally wrong. I’ve already made much more than that figure and the month of November isn’t over yet!  What this tool does is it takes the Alexa traffic ranking reports and gives an estimate of what it thinks the website entered “could” earn with the Google AdSense Program. The website does not have to have Google Adsense on the website.
When using this tool keep in mind, not everybody uses the Alexa toolbar (I don’t) so the numbers won’t be exactly right. Also the eCPM is set at a default $2.00. If you modify this figure maybe you can get the estimation to be closer to the actual amount that the website earns. That being said you won’t know “exactly” what a random website makes unless you know their eCPM.

Perhaps if the website that you are interested in is of a similar niche to your website, your eCPM’s might be the same and then you can have a good idea of what the website “might” earn.  Ad placements, number of ads, click through rates, and website traffic can also affect ad revenue. Google doesn’t allow us to share our eCPM publicly.  At best you can just put in some random eCPM numbers to guess the website’s ad revenue.  Even still it’s an interesting tool and worth checking out.
Try it out http://www.adsensemeter.com/



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November 12th, 2008 at 7:45 pm

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