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Competitive Ad Filter Not Working?

Have you blocked an advertiser with your Competitive Ad Filter only to see the advertiser is still appearing in the ad spots on your website? A few weeks ago I saw this MFA type junk site appearing on my web site’s pages. No big deal, I went into my competitive ad filter and blocked the url of the website. I knew that it takes about 8 hours for a website to be removed from your website when you block them.

The next day, more than 8 hours later I saw the same ad appearing on my website’s pages. I logged into my Adsense account to make sure that I added the correct url in the Competitive Ad Filter. I looked at the ad again on my website using the Adsense Preview Tool. It had a different display and target url. I added the display url into my filter just like I had added the target url. I’m thinking, “Great, now you have to have two urls to block one advertiser. My competitive filter is full, already maxed out. 200 urls really isn’t enough.”

I looked at my website the ntext day and still the ad appeared. I looked at Adsense help and it said it could take up to 24 hours for an ad to be filtered using the Competitive Ad Filter. I’m not sure when this change was implemented or if I had it wrong, but I waited the 24 hours. Actualy much more than 24 hours and the ad’s still there. I contacted my account strategist about it and he says he also blocked the advertiser on his end. So what’s the deal? I’m waiting to hear back from him.

At this writing, the ad has been blocked for about 3 weeks now but is still on my website. (After the first week the advertiser put the same ad under a new domain, but I blocked that url too.) Why do I care so much? Easy, this site pays about $.04 cents a click. If you are wondering how I know this, it’s because the ad always appears at the top of the ad block and it’s title is written in such a way that it gets clicked. MFA sites always have a way with words. They lure your visitors in only to find more links that beg to be clicked. I’ve had to remove Adsense from a lot of the pages on my website until this advertiser is gone. I’ve filled the ad space with Commission Junction advertisers. 

I’m wondering what’s the reason behind not being able to block this advertiser. If you want to prevent an advertiser from advertising on your website you should be able to do so. I hope it’s not anything sinister other than some sort of bug with the competitive ad filter. I’ll update you on the status.



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August 23rd, 2008 at 2:58 pm

One Response to “Competitive Ad Filter Not Working?”

  1. admin Says:

    Here’s an update. My account strategist worked everything out and I couldn’t be happier!