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Google Adsense 101

1. Read through the Terms of Service. Really you should.

2. Never click your own ads.

3. Don’t ask your friends or website visitors to click on your ads.

4. Don’t modify the adsense code.

5. Remember the 3/3/2 rule. You can use 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes on each of your pages. You can also place up to 3 referral ads on your page.

6. Keep CTR and CPM rates confidential.

7. Don’t label your ads with anything other than “Sponsored links” , “Sponsors” or “Advertisements”.

8. Don’t place images next to your ads to give the appearance that they are associated with the ads.

9. Don’t send mass spam email messages to people asking them to visit your website hoping they’ll click on your ads.

10. Make sure any pages that you place adsense on have content and comply with Google policies.

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June 23rd, 2008 at 1:06 pm

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