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Google Adsense Allowed Sites Feature

If you run Google Adsense on your website you are aware that someone might copy your publisher number and put it on a website that is not your own. For those of you who don’t think it can happen you are wrong.  Someone may like your websites design and decide to copy it and use it for their website. Copying = Stealing. Many newbies do this. Sometimes they’ll change the wording, sometimes they won’t. It’s happened to me more times than I care to count. The page stealer may not  know enough to delete your Adsense code from the page. Worst case they’ll add some content that does not comply with Adsense policies. They could also do this on purpose in an attempt to get you kicked from the Adsense program. They could even put the ads on their website and repeatedly click the ads to see what would happen.

Before the Allowed Sites feature I randomly searched for my publisher number to see what would come up. One time I found some other website using my publisher number in their Adsense and reported them to Google. The page content was not questionable but I did not want any random person putting my account at risk.

Now that the Allowed Sites feature is available, I can allow only certain domains to display ads for my account. If someone steals my Adsense code and places it on their website my account is still safe.  I simply check the box that says, “Allow ads from only the following domains” and list all of my websites domains. Only those domains listed are the ones that can generate revenue for my account. Ads will still show on the website and impressions and clicks will be counted but the advertiser will not be charged for any clicks. If someone steals my publisher number they can do what they want to with it and my account will not be in jeopardy.

adsense allowed sites

If any website has used your publisher number to display Adsense it will be noted on the Unauthorized Sites Report. Recently there have been discussions about Google’s own sites appearing on this report. If someone is using Google under an ip or a specific country you’ll see a listing there like this:


With any clicks generated under those urls, you will not get credit for and can loose income. So that the click is counted under your account, you should list any Google sites under your Allowed Sites section. I choose not to list bing.com, copyscape.com and other sites.



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