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How To Get Rid of Google Public Service Ads

If you use the Google Adsense program to monotonize your website, surely you dread seeing the PSA ads loading on your web page.  PSA ads are public service announcement ads for non-profit organizations that appear on your website. Generally these ads appear until the Google spider has had time to review the content of your web page to determine the subject of the ads that should be shown on your web page.

If your site has already been spidered and public service ads still appear, you need to fix this as you are not paid for clicks on PSA ads.  Here are a few reasons why your web site might be showing PSA ads and how to fix the problem:

1) Your website is new and the Goggle spider hasn’t visited your website yet to determine which subject of ads should be displayed. FIX: Be patient.

2) You don’t have enough text on your web page. FIX: Add more textual content which matches the theme of your website and the PSA ads should disappear.

3) The Google spiders can not determine what your website is about because you don’t have enough content or you have too many subjects. FIX: Break up your content into pages with one particular theme.

4) Google doesn’t have any ad inventory for your website niche or keywords. FIX: Get a new niche.

5) You are using excessive “stop words” like murder, suicide, kill, hack, hacker, or names of illegal drugs. FIX: Get rid of the stop words.


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April 13th, 2008 at 9:29 pm

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