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Keeping Track of Adsense Growth

If you use Google Adsense to add revenue to your website you will want to have a way to track of your Adsense growth. While I don’t like to talk about the specifics of my earnings, I will say that I do keep my earnings in an Excel spreadsheet. I try to log into my Adsense account on an hourly basis and jot down my earnings. There is an ongoing debate on whether you should or should not login to your account too much. Some say it decreases earnings some say it doesn’t. Personally I think it does not matter.

While I am not able to log in religiously every hour of everyday to check my stats I try to login as often as I can. I login on the hour and about 10 minutes past the hour. If it’s later than that I wait until the next hour. During business hours it is easy to login every hour because I am already on the computer working and it takes only a few minutes to do so.

adsense earnings excel spreadsheet 

After keeping track of your earnings for a while, you will notice a pattern of how your earnings are going. You can see highs and lows and estimate on how much you’ll earn in a particular day. This is very helpful in setting goals for your earnings.

I just recently met a goal for my earnings and am very excited. I can look back at my earnings and see how well I am doing as compared to last year.  I only wish that I had started keeping this spreadsheet earlier.

My excel spreadsheet is broken down by Adsense for Content and For Search earnings, gives me an estimate of earnings for the month, a hourly average, monthly average, and more. Excel is also great for charting data for a visual view of your earnings.

Below is a scaled down basic version of my Adsense Excel spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of your own Adsense earnings.

[ Download Adsense Revenue Tracker Excel Spreadsheet ]


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