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Supplement Your Website Income with Kontera

Kontera is an affiliate program for website owners and a great way to supplement your various steams of internet income. Unlike the usual banner and content affiliate programs, Kontera reads the content on each of your web pages and picks out certain keywords which were bid on by advertisers. Double underlines are then automatically placed on these words or ContentLinksâ„¢. When one of your site visitors holds their mouse over one of the double underlined words an ad appears. If the visitor is interested in the ad and clicks through to the advertisers website you’ll be paid for the click. Payment terms are Net 30 once your balance reaches $100.

To get started you sign up to become a Kontera publisher. For each website that you want the ContentLinksâ„¢ to appear on you must apply for a new code. After you have been approved, Kontera will send you the code that must be placed on your website. It’s very simple to implement.

Kontera’s ContentLinksâ„¢ can be placed alongside Google Adsense and in fact, many publishers find the combination to be highly successful. Kontera and Google’s advertisements are different in method of delivery - Google provides relevant ads mixed in with your content while Kontera’s ContentLinksâ„¢ are within the content text. For this reason, Kontera ads can be used as a supplemental ad service as well as a primary source of revenue.

From my personal experience Kontera is a great program to join. It is non-intrusive to my site visitors. Setting up the code is very easy to do. You can change the color of the double underlined links to match with your website. As far as revenue is concerned, it’s rather erratic. For me it ranges from $20 to $60 per day. The more website traffic that you have, the more money you’ll make. I don’t earn as much as I do with Google Adsense but it’s more than enough to keep it on my website.

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May 28th, 2008 at 1:33 pm

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