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Trying out Chitika

As you know, I am still trying to figure out better ways to monetize my website. Adbrite didn’t work out for me so now I’m trying out Chitka. Chitika is an affiliate program similar to Google Adsense but the difference is it only shows the advertisements to traffic from search engines and then only to U.S. and Canadian based website traffic. Chitika has a lot of different ad sizes to choose from besides the standard ad sizes. They also payout using PayPal.

I received an invitation to join Chitika from one of their staff a few weeks ago. So far it looks promising. I’ve added it on just a few of my website’s pages to test it out.  Chitika is now on pages where the revenue from Adsense wasn’t where I thought it should be. I deleted Adsense from those pages and placed Chitika ads. What I like about Chitika is the fact that they have little pictures that go with each ad. I believe these little pictures will grab my visitors attention and help them to notice the ads more.

chitika affiliate program

I’m not really happy about the cost per click. I’ve done some research on a few webmaster messageboards regarding the cost per click, and it seems they pay about .11 per click to everyone. For me this is right on target but I have received as much as .12 per click and as little as .6 so I guess it varies.

Another positive thing is the staff has been very attentive to helping me tweak the ads for my website. I’m going to keep Chitika on my website for at least another month to see what kind of revenue I can make with it. I do hope it works out.  If it doesn’t work I will most likely try to sell ads directly to advertisers. You should try out Chitka along with me. Let me know how it works out for you.



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12/01/09 Update - Chitika didn’t work out. Read an update here:


July 27th, 2009 at 2:39 pm

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