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Update on Chitika: Fail

Well I had to drop Chitika from my website. I was happy with them for about a month and then the revenue started going down. In August I made approximately $220, September $140, and Oct $50.  The ads were placed on high traffic pages and my website traffic is steadily increasing. I am making more money with other affiliate programs as a result but with Chitika revenue is decreasing.

I noticed that the ads didn’t appear on certain pages where I had added the code. The ad area was just blank.  Chitika let me have the ads displayed on pages without the site visitors having to have come from a search engine. There was no reason for the ads on the pages to be blank. Not displaying the ads is probably the reason for the low revenue. I more like ad programs where you can put them on your site and forget them. I don’t really have time to check each page I added the ads on to see if the ads are being displayed.

Chitika adsAlso the ads now are spaced too close together and have a thin white box on 3 sides of the ads. Weird? When I first set Chitika up the contact and I worked hard to get the ads just right. Chitika obviously changed something on their end without letting me know.

I emailed support about the issue and didn’t receive a timely answer. I was told the contact person I had left the company and some new contact was “supposed” to help me.

After sending two emails I decided to just replace Chitika with Tribal Fusion until I find something better.

Oh Well!



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December 1st, 2009 at 7:41 am

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