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What are MFA Websites?

Have you ever been on a webmaster forum and someone was writing about MFA sites and wonder what that is? Well, MFA is the abbreviation for “Made for Adsense”. The MFA site owner has joined the Google Adsense or other affiliate program and earns revenue for their website when their website visitors clicks on their ads. The MFA site owner doesn’t care about the visitor experience or visitor loyalty-they don’t care if they visit the website again. They are more concerned with getting clicks so that they can earn the most money possible. The MFA site owner places numerous ads on a page that has no real content with only ads to click on. This is against the Google Adsense Terms Of Service but still some web site owners still do this. Eventually Google will ban the website owner for not following the rules. The little money you earn is not worth losing your Adsense Account so I suggest you don’t follow this path.It is good to know how to determine an MFA website because if you participate in the Google Adsense program, you might not want your website visitors to leave your website to visit a site that offers no real content. If I find a MFA site in one of my Adsense Ads I block it using the Competitive Ad Filter when I log into my Adsense account. Some say you should not block any advertisers in your Competitive Ad Filter because they are paying to have their ad shown on your website. I understand this, but I don’t want my visitors leaving my website to go to a MFA site with no content. I feel like I am recommending the ads on my website. I don’t want to recommend MFA website to my site visitors. This is a personal choice so do whatever you feel is best for your web site.

To recap, here are the criteria for MFA Sites:

  • The website is virtually content free.
  • Nothing but ads are on the website in comparison to the website’s content.



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July 29th, 2008 at 4:29 pm

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