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The Importance of the Niche Website

Do you ever hear the term “niche website” in relation to website development and wonder what it is, what it means and what it can do for you?

Let me try to shed a little light. A niche website is a small website that is focused on a particular topic or area of interest. For example a niche website would be a website that only sells t-shirts. To make the niche even smaller, the person might only sell white t-shirts. You see what I mean? When customers are looking for white t-shirts in theory they’ll go right to your website which sells only white t-shirts. Now you understand what a niche website is.

Next you may wonder why a niche website important. Simply put there are a lot of large websites out there and loads of competition for sites who want to achieve the top rankings. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be on top? We all want to be on top but everybody can’t. Other websites have been out there longer than you, have more money for advertising than you, etc. To level the playing ground, you can focus on a single “niche” and pull in a lot of website traffic from website surfers who are looking for exactly what you have.

For example if you want to rank well for website design, you might try the small business, non profit or your city niche (i.e. Memphis web design) for website design. There will be significantly less competition for those terms than for website design in general. Now that you see how niches work, you can select a niche related to your website’s topic to begin promoting.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when setting up your niche website:

Name your website pages so that your niche keywords are included. For example if your niche is small business website design, name your pages in the following manner small-business-web-site-design.html or small_business_website_design.html.

When exchanging links with other websites, ensure your niche keywords are used as the anchor text. For example, if your website niche is small business website design the anchor text should say “small business website design” and link back to your website. Try to get as many backlinks as you can with your niche keywords in them.

Hopefully these tips will get you on your way to setting up your own niche website and drawing in more search engine traffic.



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June 24th, 2008 at 12:11 pm

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