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New Valentines Day Printable Greeting Cards

Valentines Day is this coming Saturday. If you are low on cash during this recession you can still give your loved one a Happy Valentines Day card by printing it yourself. I have 23 printable Happy Valentines Day greeting cards available for free download. These printable greeting cards have all sorts of vector illustrations that have hearts, arrows, bears and love which is what Valentine’s Day is all about.  Take a look at the Valentines Day greeting cards here:


printable greeting card teddy bearTo use these printable greeting cards:

Fold the greeting cards one time, meaning you fold an 8 1/2 sheet of paper in half to create a single Valentines Day greeting card.

The inside of the greeting card is blank and you can write whatever you like there to customize the greeting card for that special someone. You can also download some valentines day graphics here to cut out and tape/glue to the cards: http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/free-valentines-clip-art.html

Love coupons go great with our Valentines Day cards. Download them here: http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/free-printable-love-coupons.html



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Super Bowl XLIII Printable Party Invitations

Yeah! It’s time for the Super Bowl again. Time for all of those awesome commercials, half time shows and great food!

 If you are throwing a rockin Super Bowl Party and need some unique Super Bowl party invitations to invite your guests to your party, take a look at our free Super Bowl XLIII party invitations below:

printable superbowl xlii party invitations

These invitations look like authentic Super Bowl XLIII Tickets and will impress your party guests. The party invitations contain the team names…the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals along with February 1, 2009 which is the date that the Super Bowl is being played in Tampa Bay. The time says the party starts at 5:00 because that’s the standard kick off time.These tickets can also be used to decorate your room. I print out extra tickets and place them on my party tables along with party confetti.To use our free Super Bowl party invitations, just print them out on heavy cardstock paper, cut them out neatly, and pass them out to all your party guests.

[Download Printable Super Bowl Party Invitations] 

Enjoy! Gina

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PC Doctor Memphis Review: Fail

About two weeks ago I got a virus on my computer. I’m not really sure where I got it from but I was looking at real estate websites because I’m looking to sell my home. I could tell that I had a virus because when I would search for something on the Internet the wrong search results would come up. For example I could search for “Hoover Web Design” and the results would not be correct.  My websites title and description would come up but not my url. It would go to some page with nothing but ads. My browser was hijacked.  I bought new anti-virus software and no viruses were found but I knew there was a virus there.

Anyway I thought it would be quicker to take the computer somewhere to have the virus removed. My husband mentioned a computer repair business in a shopping center near our home. We took the computer to PC Doctor Memphis 7825 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38125 901-328-9400  on Tuesday 1-5-09 and they said the computer would be fixed early next week. The diagnostic fee was $25 which would go towards the final fee for fixing the computer. This all sounded great so far.

Friday 1-9-09 I asked my husband to check on the computer. He went by the PC Doctor office and they told him there were 11 computers ahead of my computer. What?? If I had known that I would have taken my computer elsewhere. They told him he could pay $40 to have my computer rushed to the top of the list. Of course he did this. On Saturday hubby called again to check on the status because I told him if they didn’t have the computer done that day I just wanted it back. They said they were looking at it right at that moment but it wouldn’t be fixed until Monday 1-12-09.

Monday comes and they call and say the computer has been “fixed”. Supposedly my computer had 200+ viruses on it and the drivers were infected. Monday evening my husband hooked up the computer and it would not connect to the Internet. Click here to see the video clip  of how my computer was frozen for hours.  When I clicked on a new browser window to get to the Internet, two browser windows would open up and they would alternate back and forth never connecting to the Internet. I couldn’t close the browsers either.  We changed the modem configuration around thinking we must have had something hooked up incorrectly but we could never get the browser to connect to the Internet. The two blank browser windows just continued to stay frozen. Obviously the computer was not fixed. It didn’t behave in this manner before I brought it to them and all PC Doctor did was make my computer worse.

Yesterday 1-13-09, we went to tell PC Doctor that the computer was not fixed and that they didn’t credit the $25 diagnostic fee from the balance. They did not credit us anything and it’s not reflected on the receipt. The PC Doctor guy says they did credit the $25 but “…you can not see it on the receipt”. Take a look at the receipt here. Do you see a $25 credit because I don’t. Do you smell what I smell??? That’s total bull!!

I also asked for proof of there being 200 viruses on my computer and proof that these viruses were removed. At first he said the virus software didn’t print out anything and that it was just on the fly (ever heard of print screen?). I told him that virus checkers generate a log file and then he said that I didn’t ask for a log file (proof) of the viruses so they don’t have any. So I’m supposed to take his word that there were 200 viruses on my computer and that they removed them? Don’t think so.  Obviously they are used to dealing with non-technical people who know nothing about computers so they think they can tell them anything and they’ll buy it.

I highly doubt that 200 viruses could be on my computer as the computer is a work computer that only I use. 200 viruses seems excessive and would appear to be on a computer who’s owner is a porn addict with no virus protection software.  I always have anti-virus software on my PC but I hadn’t updated the definitions and left my computer exposed. :( Some virus software notes tracking cookies as “viruses”. Maybe that’s what happened but I don’t know because I don’t have the log file.

When I told the PC Doctor guy the computer would not get on the Internet and that they did not fix it, his only response was that I must have gotten the computer re-infected. I told him it did not get on the Internet so it could not have been re-infected. I was never able to visit any website so where would the new infected virus come from? He says it’s with my equipment…my modem. Can you believe that?? This guy thinks my modem is infected with a virus. That’s bogus! With that I snatched the receipt from him and walked out the door.

If my modem were infected the new computer I bought would have a virus on it too right, because I’m using the same modem. Visiting PC Doctor was a total waste of my money and I was without my computer for 7 days for nothing!  I have Comcast Internet and talked to a technician and was told that the modem can’t be infected with a virus because it can’t run programs..doesn’t have a processor. The technician said with virus cases like this all that can be done is reformat the hard drive and start over with new software. Rather than telling me they couldn’t fix the computer without reformatting it PC Doctor lied and said they fixed my computer to rip me off of $182.

It’s a lesson learned. In my opinion PC Doctor appears to be hungry for money and make up a phony computer diagnosis which they can’t back up to get more money from unsuspecting customers. I truly regret taking my computer to PC Doctor Memphis because now I have to pay more money to take my computer to Best Buy who actually is knowledgeable about computers and can fix my computer FOR REAL!!! 


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.ASIA Domain Name Scam

I received the following scam email message a few days ago:

Dear Manager,

We received a formal application on intending to register “hooverwebdesign ” as their domain name and Internet brand in China and also in Asia from an investment company on Jan. 6th,2009. During our audit period, we find that this Investment company has no trade mark, brand or patent. As a professional institution of domain name registration, we have reasons to suspect this investment company to be a domain name grabber. Therefore, we need your confirmation on two points as follows.
First of all, whether this investment company is your business partner or distributor in China?

Secondly, whether you also need these domain names? (According to the rules of domain name registration, the investment company will be entitled to obtain a domain name but not need the permission from the original trademark owner.)
If you are not in charge of this issue, please transfer this email to the right department.

This is a letter for confirmation. If the mentioned third party is your business partner or distributor in China or in Asia, please DO NOT reply. We will automatically think that this application was from your business partner after our audit period.
Best regards,

Dottm  Network (Shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd

TEL :  86-21-312 609 71
FAX :  86-21-312 609 72
Email: ann@dottm.cn

If you receive a similar type email, delete it because it’s a scam. The sender is trying to trick you into purchasing a .ASIA domain name by telling you that someone else is trying to register the domain. More than likely there is no one who is looking to purchase the domain. I also received the same message for a domain which i do not own.



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2009 Business New Years Resolutions

Yesterday it was really hard getting back to work. Like most of the world, I took a lot of time off during the holidays to be with my family. Now that the normal work week is back, it’s time to settle down and get back to business.

With the New Year rolling around, just about everyone is making New Years Resolutions. Many people make personal resolutions to get their lives in order. Your business shouldn’t be immune to this opportunity for change.  Here are some New Years Resolutions to keep your business on track:

  • Resolve to give your website a face-lift or redesign your website.
  • Resolve to start a new aggressive marketing  plan. With the economy being the way it is, the more marketing you do for your products and services the better results your see for your business. 
  • Resolve to set goals for your business and put it down on paper. Monitor your progress through the year and note any plans for improvement.
  • Resolve to do something innovative with your company for example sponsor a charity or school or give away something free to potential customers.
  • Resolve to set aside time for learning new software and techniques related to your business field. You have to stay current to stay on the top.
  • Resolve to outsource projects that you can’t get to. Rather than having a project on your books for years, outsource it to a freelancer to complete for you.

Happy New Year!


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End of Year Website Tasks

With the year 2008 quickly coming to an end, I would like to share 5  simple tips to help you transition your website for the 2009 year.

  1. Change the copyright line on the bottom of all of your website’s pages. For example my website says, © 2000-2008 Hoover Web Design. I’ll have to change this line to © 2000-2009 Hoover Web Design.  If you have a larger website you should change this sooner rather than later so that you can get it done before 2009. If you have an old date on your website it looks like your website is not being maintained properly. That could be a turn off to a potential customer.
  2. While you are revising the copyright date on your pages, take a look at the content on your website. Is any of the content old and outdated? Did you quit offering a product or service? Now is a good time to remove any old information on your website. A constant goal is to always have our website content up to date. Now is also a great time for a redesign of your existing website.
  3. Set some goals for 2009. If you offer sell products or services, offer up new products or new services to breath new life into your website for 2009. A website should always be growing. If it stays the same it become boring to site visitors. My website’s plan for 2009 is to offer more free download products like web templates, photo galleries, music players, etc. I’m also upgrading my template search engine to PHP and it will have more user friendly features. Considering the economy I’m also going in and reducing the prices of all of the web templates. You should set similar goals for your business.
  4. Review your website’s stats: website traffic and top keywords. See where you are and set a goal of where you want to be next year. This is a great time to start new advertising campaigns or to work with a search engine optimization firm. Whatever you do, develop a solid plan that will help you get where you want to be.
  5. Review the expiration dates on all of your domains. If a domain will be expiring within the next 6 months, go ahead and renew it. You don’t want to lose an important domain name because you “forgot” to renew it. For important domains you should set their status on auto renew anyway so that your year will go smoothly. For domains that I’m not sure if I want them or not, I have them set on manual renewal.

These simple tips should help you transition into a smooth 2009.



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Blank Comic Book Pages

If you draw your own comic books, download several blank comic book pages from our Free Printables section. The blank comic book pages have several styles to choose from such as 12 boxes on a page, 5 boxes on a page and more. To use the printable comic book pages, simply print the comic pages out with your web browser and draw your comics in the boxes. There’s also a place at the top of the template to write in the name of your comic and the page number.


More blank comic book pages are coming soon so enjoy!


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Adsense Feature Wish List

With the New Year rolling around soon I thought I share with you my top 5 Adsense wishes:

1. Ability to set the minimum cost per click.

2. Ability to promote a certain advertiser of your choice in a single advertisement, sort of like Referrals use to be. This way the ads can be more target to your content.

3. More flexibility with ad sizes. Some publishers are already doing this and it make the ads blend in so much better with their content.

4. Unlimited competitive ad filter; ability to block advertisers by keywords.

5. Competitive ad filter list to be broken out by domains.

6. Reporting which let’s you know the impact of revenue if you add or remove an advertiser from your competitive filter list.

Some of these wishes will never happen but you can always wish. Fortunately for me I had one of these wishes granted. Can you guess which one? I’ll never tell!



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CarMax Memphis Sells Junk!

I bought a preowned SUV from CarMax Memphis (7771 Us Highway 64 Memphis, TN 38133) just 3 weeks ago. The car is a 2006 Lincoln Navigator.  I’ve discovered that the car is a beautiful car but looks can be deceiving.A few days after we got the car, the check engine light came on. That was a sign.

lincoln navigator carmax memphis 

We took the car back to CarMax and they supposedly took it to the Dobbs Ford Wolfchase dealership to get fixed. It was either the coil or the #7 fuel injector that was causing the problem. We’re not clear on it because the dealership’s paperwork mentions both.We had a loner car while the Navigator was at the dealership. The loaner car was a Jeep Cherokee. I think we had it for 2 days and on the second day the check engine light was on it too. Give me a break!  

Anyway, today we were driving around and the check engine light came on again and when my husband was accelerating, the car starting making a weird noise. Sounded like the engine was falling out. Geeze!  My husband called CarMax and they tell him HE needs to call the dealership to get it serviced, pretty much washing their hands of it. Figures! Luckily it’s still under waranty but we’ll see how that goes. We stopped at AutoZone and let them put the car on that machine to see what the trouble lights are saying. This is really crazy…it says we have a problem with misfires on cylinders 3, 7, 8 and random misfires. WOW! Supposedly they fixed cylinder 7 before and now we find out that we have 3+ more cylinders with problems. Why didn’t CarMax catch that? It’s doubtful that all these cylindars went out at the same time after we bought the Navigator.

Before we bought the Navigator the sales associate Jeremy went into detail about how the cars were checked out and maintenance services were performed BEFORE the cars were put for sale on the lot. To think I believed that. My husband said probably no basic maintenance was done because the air filter was not even replaced. That’s super basic maintenance.  The air filter was very filthy so my husband replaced it. The car was also dusty inside and out. Now my husband has to take off from work yet again to have the car serviced. I haven’t even paid a car note yet or received a license plate and the car is going back into the shop. That’s completely ridiculous!It’s looking pretty much like CarMax sells junk cars. I wish I had not bought anything there.  Can I get a do-over???? When I got home today I did a quick search for “CarMax Memphis” to see what came up.  I’m not alone in my thinking about them selling junk cars.  They do across the board. There were several complaints from CarMax customers who bought cars that broke down in some manner within the first few days of purchase. Right here in Memphis there were two complaints that I read about. Think twice about buying anything from CarMax Memphis unless you don’t have a problem with putting up money for car repairs as soon as you buy the car. Seriously!


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Update: My husband took the car to Landers Ford (reliable and trustworthy dealership) today and it turns out the Navigator had a clogged up fuel filter. Landers said they couldn’t believe they sold us a car without replacing the fuel filter first. Replacing the fuel filter is also a basic maintenance item. The fuel filter becomes clogged when cheap gas is put into the car and the engine misfires.

Supposedly the problem is fixed now. We had to pay the $89 to Landers ourselves because basic maintenance is not covered under the factory warranty. The problem with the car is becoming clear now. CarMax’s service department is non-existent. Whatever condition they get the cars when they come in is how they sell them. My husband thinks maybe the Managers don’t know but that’s doubtful. When people come in and complain how can you not know?

After he left the dealership, my husband went over to CarMax to tell them what happened. This is about a 35-45 minute drive from our house. He showed CarMax the dirty fuel filter and asked to be reimbursed for the $89 since they should have performed the service before we bought the car. 

CarMax agreed and said they’d reimburse him the $89 but no Manager was there so they’d have to contact my husband later. We’ll see how that goes. I’m really not holding my breath and glad it was not some major problem like needing a new engine or something. We’re setting up another appointment with Landers to go over the entire car and to spot any future problems.


Update: We got the reimbursement check and also a check to let me know they overcharged $30 me for my license plate…which I still haven’t received. I can’t believe it.

carmax reimbursement checks memphis

Update: I’m still waiting to receive my permanent license plate so I wrote the CarMax corporate office the following letter:

I purchased a car in December of 2008. Today is March 6, 2009 and I still do not have my permanent license plate. Whenever we contact the store to find the status of the tag we are told they are “working on it”. Apparently the mileage was wrong on the title. Why it takes 3 months to correct this is beyond me…


Update: I never heard anything from CarMax’s corporate office, but I’m happy that I finally received my permanent license plate. Hallelujah! Glad I am done with them.

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UPS: Your Tracking # 40773556453

I received a weird email message today stating the following: 

Sorry, we were not able to deliver postal package you sent on November the 25th in time
because the recipient’s address is not correct.
Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office.
If you do not receive package in ten days you will have to pay 36$ per day.
Your UPS Support Team

That’s  pretty slick con considering it’s the holiday season and many people may be mailing packages. I know that I didn’t mail any package on November 25th.  I’m sure if I opened the attachment I would have gotten a virus on my computer or my passwords would have been stolen.

If you get a message similar to the one above, do like I did and don’t open it. Delete it.


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