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Kontera Gift

Kontera sent me a gift this year. That was a nice surprise. It’s a green stainless steel H2Go ss water bottle with Kontera’s logo on it.  Stainless steel water bottles are great because you can refill them and help the environment by not using plastic water bottles.

A picture of the water bottle is below:

 kontera gift

Here’s a stock image of the water bottle on a white background:

kontera water bottle

Thanks Kontera!


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Make a Google Sitemap with Sitemapbuilder.net

The other day I ran across a neat Google sitebuilder tool. I actually lost the url and it took me a while to find it again.  Don’t you hate when you do that! I’m adding the link to my blog so that I won’t loose the link again. :)

Lately in Google Webmaster Tools I have been getting sitemap errors from the sitemaps that I have generated with XML Sitemaps.  The error says:

- All the URLs in your Sitemap have the same priority.  All the URLs in your Sitemap are set to the same priority (not the default priority).

For my smaller websites it makes sense to use an online tool like this to build the xml sitemaps. That’s how I came across Sitemapbuilder.net. I used it and found that it was very easy to use. I have since uploaded a new sitemap built using sitemapbuilder.net and the error message went away in my Google Webmaster Tools once the sitemap got spidered again.

Anyway, here are instructions on creating an error free Google sitemap:

 1. Visit the Sitemapbuilder.net website.

2. Enter your web address and click the “extract urls from this page button”.

3. When the new screen comes up, scroll down the page and delete any urls that you do not want to be included in your sitemap.

4. Under options click add date, priority 0.5 is ok and frequency can be weekly.

 5. Click the button that says Geneate Google Site Map XML

6. Copy (Ctrl+A) (Ctrl+C) the contents that are in the window which reads,

7. Open a text editor such as Word Pad or Note Pad and paste (Ctrl+V) the contents into a blank document.

8. Save the document into your root web folder as sitemap.xml.

9. Upload the sitemap.xml file to your website.



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Google Local Business Results

Have you ever searched for something near your home in Google and see a section at the top that says, “Local business results for….whatever you were searching for?” Here’s a sample search engine listing for memphis shopping malls:

google local business center

If you own a website or a business, surely you want your listing to appear alongside the other Local Business Results. These listings are placed above the normal search engine results. Having your website added is extra promotion of your business at no cost to you.

Visit the following url to add your business Google’s Local Business Center:


To add your business, click on the + Add new listing and enter your website’s information.

Once you’ve entered your information you’ll need to validate the submission by either phone or snail mail.  Snail mail takes about 2 weeks.  Before you know it you’re website will be listed in the local business results.



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Google New Feature: Last Spidered Date?

Today I was checking out my keyword rankings and came across an odd listing in Google. I’m not sure what it is, but it looked like there was an extra note that detailed when the page was last spidered or added to the search engine. It might be something old, but I know that I haven’t noticed it before.

This date was in light gray letters on the left of the page and was included with each search engine listing. I’m assuming it was the date the page was indexed or spidered because I last worked on the page in question on October 26, 2008 and the listing read November 2, 2008. Here’s what it looks like:

google new feature - page index dates

You’ll note this search was conducted from the South African version of Google and the search box has an option to search within the past year, past month, etc.  I ran the same search on Google.com and the index dates were not included in my search.  There’s problably a  special way to make this function happen but I don’t know what it is. Maybe this is a new feature that’s being tested. I’ll do some more research and see what I can find out.



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Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Good News. Google has just released a new Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (SEO Starter Guide) that tells you how to improve your websites ranking in the Google search engine. Better rankings lead to more traffic which leads to more money.

The information contained in the starter guide is for beginners. If you are interested in learning more or downloading the guide, check out the Google blog post here: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2008/11/googles-seo-starter-guide.html.



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Calculate Potential Google Adsense Revenue

Have you ever visited a website and noticed that the website had an excellent Google ad placement? You probaby wondered how much they might earn with the Adsense Program. Well, today I ran across a website called Adsensemeter.com. All you do is put in a website url and it says it can calculate the amount of revenue earned from the Google Adsense Program.

I put in my domain, hooverwebdesign.com and it says for November 2008 I could earn $3,927. It also gives an estimation of ad revenue for December and January with ad revenue going down.

 calculate potential google adsense revenue

In my case, the ad revenue estimation was totally wrong. I’ve already made much more than that figure and the month of November isn’t over yet!  What this tool does is it takes the Alexa traffic ranking reports and gives an estimate of what it thinks the website entered “could” earn with the Google AdSense Program. The website does not have to have Google Adsense on the website.
When using this tool keep in mind, not everybody uses the Alexa toolbar (I don’t) so the numbers won’t be exactly right. Also the eCPM is set at a default $2.00. If you modify this figure maybe you can get the estimation to be closer to the actual amount that the website earns. That being said you won’t know “exactly” what a random website makes unless you know their eCPM.

Perhaps if the website that you are interested in is of a similar niche to your website, your eCPM’s might be the same and then you can have a good idea of what the website “might” earn.  Ad placements, number of ads, click through rates, and website traffic can also affect ad revenue. Google doesn’t allow us to share our eCPM publicly.  At best you can just put in some random eCPM numbers to guess the website’s ad revenue.  Even still it’s an interesting tool and worth checking out.
Try it out http://www.adsensemeter.com/



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Kontera Check

I received my Kontera check today for $1,819.97. For some reason they sent a payment for two months. Kontera payments are ususally for one month at a time if your account balance reaches $100.  Usually I receive payments for one month.

I’m not sure why I received two months at one time. A few weeks ago I did change my payment method to Direct Deposit. Maybe that had something to do with it. I don’t know but it’s a welcomed surprise. I’m going on vacation over the Thanksgiving holidays to Louisiana and could use some more spending money. :) I decided to post the check because it will probably be the last one that I get since I’m moving to direct deposit.

kontera check

[Click on the image for a larger view of the payment check.]

If you are running Adsense Kontera is a really good addition to it. View more information about Kontera and sign up here:  http://www.kontera.com.



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Design Inspiration

I ran across a pretty cool website today. It’s called Web Design Ideas. Like the name implies, the site finds a vast number of websites with exceptional designs that can inspire you in your own website designs.

The design examples include thumbnails for quick viewing and then you can click through to visit the actual website. You’ll find creative word press blogs, graphic headers, website navigations, and graphic footers.  Some of the designs really blew me away!  There is also a  directory that you can add your site to. I added my site.

Go take a look see at http://www.wbdesignideas.com/category/layouts/. You won’t be disapointed.



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Download a Free Fifties Theme Website Template

I have created a new free download 1950’s style web site template. The template has fifties images of cars and neato teens with records. The colors used in the template are pink, white and 50’s green.  This free fifties web template comes with 1 page and you can make as many additional web pages as you like because the navigation is text links. There are links on the left of the page and at the top of the page.  It would make a good personal website.

This template is really easy to use. Just add your site name on the header, add your page content and upload to your website.

Here’s a preview of what the template looks like:

fifties website template

If you’d like to use this free fifties themed website template, you can download it from here:

[ Download free fifties website template ]



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How To Deal With Deadbeat Customers

If you’re in business one time or another you’ll have to deal with deadbeat customers. Most people are decent honest people but there are many out there that are dishonest and trying to get something without paying for it. In retail stores the business owner may post bounced checks until payment is received. The Internet is a little different. Besides a bounced check, you might have received a credit card payment that resulted in a chargeback or payment was never received for work or services that you supplied. The longer I’m in business I see that more and more people are becoming dishonest.

This can make us angry and feel like a fool. Depending on which business you are in you’ll definitely need to work out a plan for what to do when you run up against a deadbeat customer. I don’t think that you need to radically change the way you do business or take it out on your next customer, just in case they turn out to be a deadbeat too. You just need to be smart when dealing with customers that you don’t know. You also need to expect that working with a deadbeat is one of the costs of doing business.

With selling web templates there is a lot of potential for buyer fraud. For this reason I screen all of my sales manually before I send out any download links. Customers may not like this but this is how I cut down on credit card frayd on my website. The other day I had this customer who didn’t pay their web hosting bill after 2 notices. I suspended the website and then they “paid” the web hosting bill. Three weeks after I reinstated the account they set up a hosting account somewhere else and requested a full refund of the hosting fee that they paid. Is that dishonest yes, definitely.

So, how can you protect yourself.

1)  NEVER begin any work without a partial payment.
2) Always use an agreement form or contract so that the dynamics of the project is noted.
3) If you are doing a project that involves graphics, watermark the images with your copyright.
4) Work on your own web server.
5) Only deliver the final project files after full payment has been received and check deposited into your account. No exceptions.

If your deadbeat is a business, you can report them to the following complaint sites:


If they stole from you, you can return the favor by stealing little bits of their reputation. I warn you to be careful with filing complaints because the deadbeats can do the same to your business. You might not have done anything wrong, but they’ll just make up something to ruin your reputation. Anything placed on the Internet will be there for years to come.



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