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New Website Design and Development Articles Added

Want to learn about website design and managing your website? I’ve added several new articles to the Website Article Knowledgebase. Check them out:

  • Search Engine Optimization & Website Design
  • How To Increase Repeat Visits To Your Website?
  • Increase The Usability Of Your Homepage - In 8 Easy Steps 
  • Need A Start Up Business Loan? 
  • Focus on SEO Before You Launch Your New Website 
  • Importance Of Good Website Navigation 
  • Enjoy!


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    New Linked From Feature in Google Webmaster Tools

    I logged into Google Webmaster Tools today to find a new feature that tells you where your broken links are coming from. To access this valuable information click on Overview for one of your sites and then “Not Found” Details. There you’ll see a new column called “Linked From”. This allows you to see where your broken links are coming from. You can see how many pages are linking to the broken url and the actual urls that are linking to the url, internally to your website and also external links.

    For example I changed my contact page years ago from index.html to index.php. I thought I had updated the new page name to all of my pages but now I see that I have the wrong link on 46 pages. Yikes! Using this new feature I am able to go to each page and fix the link. I had no idea I was sending my site’s visitors to a 404 error page when they were trying to contact me.

    find broken links 404 errors

    I worked through the 46 pages to look for the incorrect link and could only find a few pages were linking to the old page. Actually 3. I’m glad to know I didn’t have 46 broken links. Since this is a new tool I think it might still have some kinks in it. The discovery date for the broken link pages is October 14, 15, 16. I suspect its much earlier than that. This is really an awesome addition to webmaster tools. Thanks a lot Google!



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    Printable Bosses Day Greeting Cards

    Bosses’s Day was October 16th. If you haven’t gotten anything for your boss it’s not too late! You can give your boss a printable certificate or a greeting card. Better late than never!



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    Typing Services by Remote Secretarial Service.com

    If you own a small business or business office and need professional typing services for a special project or just an extra pair of hands, I recommend that you contact Remote Secretarial Service.com.

    Remote Secretarial Service is happy to provide the following professional business services:

    Word Processing (Error Free Typing Services), Brochures, Business Forms, Manuscripts, Books, Plays, Certificates, Restaurant Menus, Flyers, Resumes, PowerPoint Presentations, Internet Research, Newsletters, Medical Transcription, Website Design (Dreamweaver, Fireworks), Graphics Design and more!

    A team of Virtual Assistants, Remote Secretaries, and Remote Assistants are ready to help.

    Visit the website here: http://www.remotesecretarialservice.com/



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    Solution for Microsoft Word Page Borders Getting Cut Off

    The other day when I tried to make a printable certificate with a border around it, the right side of the border kept getting cut off by the printer. I remember having this problem before but didn’t have time to figure out what the deal was. Well today I made time for it.

    Long story short, if you have a PC and the edge of your page border is getting cut off when you print, do the following to fix it:

    While in your Word Document, Select Format Borders and Shading.

    Select Page Border and click on the “Options” button.

    borders getting cut off when printing

    A new menu comes up and click “Text” under “Measure from:”

    Up top where it says Margin, 0 this out on top, bottom, left and right.

    word borders not printing fix

    Click OK OK and that should do it!

    word page border getting cut off



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    Google Page Rank Update

    A Google Toolbar PR Update happened a few days ago. The previous update was in June.  For those that don’t know, Google’s Pagerank formula is secret and is designed to allocate authority or weight to individual web pages. The higher your web page’s pagerank the more authorative your website is being seen by the Google Search Engine. Find out your site’s page rank here: http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/tools/multi-rank-checker/

    Today I noticed that several of my inside pages have had their PR upgraded to a PR6. Most of the pages were PR5’s for years. 

    Here a few of the Hoover Web Design pages that are now PR6:

    Sitebuilder PR6
    Designers Directory PR6
    Templates Store PR6
    Articles Directory  PR6
    Domain Registration PR6
    DIY Web Design PR6
    Web Hosting PR6
    Flash Albums PR6
    Music Players PR6
    Flash Intros PR6
    Sitebuilder Reviews PR6
    Photos.Hooverwebdesign.com PR6
    Scripts Archive PR6
    Resources Directory PR6
    Free Web Graphics PR6
    Web Design Encyclopedia PR6
    Blog Templates PR6

    I only wish the home page could get a PR7. :)



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    Download Free Printable Award Certificates

    I’ve added a new category of free printables, Printable Certificates to the website. Printable certificates are a great way to award or recognize someone for an accomplishment and make them feel special. The printable certificates are templates so just take an ink pen and write in the persons name that you want to recognize along with the date, etc.

    I mostly have school certificates now but I’ll venture more into business, training and whatever else I can think of that might be useful. You can also let me know what types of certificates you’d like to see. Here’s the list of what certificates are available as free downloads right now:

    Printable School Certificates:

    - Honor Roll Printable Certificate
    - Citizenship Award Printable Certificate
    - Perfect Attendance Printable Certificate
    - Outstanding Student Printable Certificate
    - Teachers Honor Roll Printable Certificate
    - Principals Honor Roll Printable Certificate

    Printable Business Certificates:

    - Printable Boss’s Day Certificates (This is coming up on Oct. 16. Give your boss a card)
    - Printable Administrative Professionals Day Certificates

    As with all of the printables, for a customization fee, information can be filled out in the certificate for you along with the watermark removed. Just ask.

    View/Download all of the printable certificates from here:


    I’m going to be making loads more so check back often.



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    7 Year Old Breaks Into Zoo and Kills Animals

    I read a news story about a 7-year old boy in Australia who climbed over a wall to break in the Zoo. You’ll never guess what he did when he got in there. I guess he couldn’t resist the warnings to not feed the animals but really he took it too far. He fed several live animals to an 11-foot crocodile! They know exactly what he did because they captured the whole incident on video.

    To the animals that he didn’t feed to the crock, he bashed them  in the head with rocks. His killing spree lasted for 30 minutes and he killed 13 animals. The Zoo has identified the boy but are unable to press any charges against him because he’s too young. The animals lost will cost the Zoo around $7000 to replace. The Zoo will probably sue the boy’s parents which they should. How can a child that young get out of the house and do something so evil? Talk about a serial killer in training….

    See the complete story here:




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    Free Birthday Party Ticket Style Invitations

    I added a few new printable birthday party invitations today. They are free downloads. These invitations look like concert or event tickets. They would be great for a pre-teen or teenager’s birthday party celebration. There are 5 invitations to choose from at the moment. Let me know if you like these style of invitations and I’ll make more. 

    These fabulous party invitations are very easy to use:  print them out on cardstock paper (recommended), cut them out and fill in your birthday party details. I made all of the invitations square so that they’ll be easier to cut out or you can use a paper cutter for a professional touch. My daughter had a party using the party invitations and it was a bit of a pain to cut neatly around a rounded edge.

    An example party invitation is below:

    birthday party invitations

    As with all of our printables, for a customization fee, your name and party details can be filled out in the invitation for you along with the watermark removed.

    View/Download all of the birthday party ticket invitations from here:




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    Clear out your Competitive Ad Filter

    Ever since I can remember my Adsense earnings have been lowest on the weekends. This past weekend I deleted all of the urls out of my Competitive Ad Filter to see if my earnings might increase. I’m very happy to say that my earnings increased from the previous months average earnings to 54.14% on Saturday and 44.24% on Sunday. I couldn’t believe it.

    I haven’t added the urls back in my Competitive Ad Filter yet except for a few advertisers who list their telephone numbers in their ads. I’m going to see what happens today (Monday) with my earnings. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are my best days. If my earnings continue to increase I’ll leave my Competitive Ad Filter empty.

    Maybe you should try to clear out your Competitive Ad Filter every now and again to see if your earnings increase also.



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