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Google Crawl Rate

If you’ve submitted your website through Google’s Webmaster Tools you’ll see an option under the Tools Menu for “Set Crawl Rate”. The Crawl Rate determines how often Google’s robots (the Googlebot) will visit your website to spider your web pages and add them into it’s search engine index. The options are Slow, Normal and Fast. The higher the crawl rate the better because you want Google to find your new pages quickly and have them searchable by Internet surfers.

For most websites the Crawl Rate is automatically set at “Normal”. If the Normal Rate is a strain on your website’s servers you can change this to Slower to have your site crawled less.

Today when I looked at my Webmaster Tools, I had a yellow note that said I could select a Faster Crawl rate for my website if I wanted to.

google crawl rate

Of course I wanted to. Who wouldn’t want Google to crawl their website faster? I’ve heard that with the Faster Crawl Rate pages are added nearly instantly to Google’s index. After I selected the Faster Crawl Rate option another note said my site would be on a Fast Crawl rate for the next 90 days. Cool!

increase google crawl rate

So I guess we’ll see how it goes for the next 90 days.

how to get a faster google crawl rate
My current crawl rate is about 1,800 max pages per day. Here’s the current graph. I can’t wait to see what that will change to.

increase google spidering

As you can tell, I was very happy to see that I had this option available to me. It tells me that the Googlebot noticed that I’ve been working hard at providing unique content on my website and I’m being rewarded by having my pages crawled faster. I’m very excited about the possibility of my pages being indexed as soon as I upload them to the Internet. I’ve experienced this only one time before and that was with some Father’s Day Printable Greeting cards. Each time I added a new card to the page I saw that the googlebot picked up on it and indexed the new info immediately.

If you want to increase your websites crawl rate, you can add fresh and unique content to your website as often as possible. The Googlebot will notice it and reward you as well.



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Five Steps to Successful Niche Marketing Over the Web

This article is from our guest blogger Malcolm Sheppard.

The web is bringing people together! It’s creating communities! That’s all true, but let’s flip that premise to boost our insight. The web also separates people. From search to target site, surfers can confine their browsing to very specific areas of interest. Unless you can get your foot in the door of a popular news aggregator you can’t rely on a broadcast marketing model to snag interest from an undifferentiated audience. You have to appeal to the niche. Here are five tips that work well for us at GILL Media.

Know Your Client’s Business: Do your research. Wring as much information out of your clients as possible. A niche audience knows their stuff, so if your copy looks less than authentic they’ll know right away. Generally speaking, our content development process starts with extensive research into the niche, followed by client approvals and adjustments. Sometimes a marketer’s “outsider” status is an asset because some clients are so engrossed in their fields they don’t realize how specialized they are, and don’t know how to properly define what they do. Use that to your advantage, but always get the facts right.

Design Niche Pages: You can read about that right in this blog. It’s a great article, so there’s not much to add except to note that a niche page is not necessarily the same as a landing page. Your target audience usually knows something about the business, so you’ve got to include novel, relevant content to bring in the leads. In all likelihood, these people have already seen the competition and are at the stage where they’re trying to weigh them against each other – and you.

Identify Vertical Entry Points: Marketing blogger Pete Caputa posits that verticalization is the only strategy left for marketers. That might be an overly strong statement, but it is true that search is getting more specialized and personal. While broad keyword searches will never die, services like Findlaw are pushing up in one direction, while Google’s Personalized Search will eventually serve as a custom funnels for browsers to “drop” through. The web will eventually hook personalized searches up with vertical portals so seamlessly that browsers may never have to look at anything they aren’t interested in again. Get your clients in the vertical browsing path. Genuine niche marketing portals (not link farms) do this in one direction, but for the other, getting in someone’s personal search path requires the same keyword research as before. Now, however, you have to take those long tail terms a bit more seriously.

Identify Communities: Use keyword searches and browsing to find the premiere communities for each niche. A warning, though: The more specialized the niche, the more likely your searches are going to be compromised by SEO “noise.” The most obvious sign of this is when a search with a small number of SERPS displays a lot of scraped and keyword stuffed pages. Look for active, spam-free web forums and hub blogs that feature many links from other sites and bloggers within the niche. You’ll find keyword inspirations and might be able to participate in these communities on behalf of the client, or point him or her there to get involved. Always adhere to community rules.

Get Prosumers on Board: Prosumers are powerful assets. They’re either respected community members or amateur producers within your client’s niche. In communities, their blog and form posts are frequent and filled with positive feedback. Encourage your clients to give them special access to products and services (early releases, freebies) and solicit their honest feedback. Prosumers generally want to like your client, but they don’t want to feel like marketing mouthpieces. Make sure you’ve written coherent copy they can mine for talking points, but don’t try to directly control their statements. Receptive prosumers can be powerful allies, especially since they post things that would be considered spam if you did it.

Don’t think of these five steps as pillars, but real “steps:” ways to drill down from refining a client’s web presence to managing the interactive elements of niche marketing. Done correctly, your plan should fill every level of the niche, from the first search steps to the most specific community discussions. Give it a shot.

About the Author: Malcolm Sheppard is a writer and researcher for GILL Media, an internet marketing firm with offices in Canada and the US. Check out the company’s blog at http://www.gill-media.com/InternetMarketingBlog.

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How to Find a Google Adsense Lost Channel

If you’re like me and have a large website you might have run into a problem with your Google Adsense channels.  Channels allow you to track which pages or areas of your website earn you money with the Google Adsense program.

The problem begins when you look at your advanced reports and see that you have an old channel (ghost channel) that is generating impressions. You look on your website and can’t find the channel id anywhere on your website.  Memory fails and you just don’t know where it is. It’s just lost!  You’ve already tried to search for the lost channel using your computer’s search function but nothing is found. You quickly find out the computer won’t search within the JavaScript ad code.  You’ve emailed your Google Support Rep and they say they can’t give out the information. Oh what to do? You feel as if you have to find the channel just to make sure nothing fishy is going on with your Adsense account.

Well, if you use Dreamweaver you’re in luck. While in the site view, click on Edit and Find from the menu. For Find What, enter HTML Source and enter the  code for the ad channel in the search box and click Find All. Dreamweaver will quickly search through all of your website’s pages and locate the channel id for you. You can double click on the page names that come up and modify the channel to your liking.  

find google adsense channels on your websitefind google adsense lost channels

This a great little tip. I’ve used Dreamweaver for years but never even saw the Find fuction until recently. Well, you learn something every day! :)



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The Importance of the Niche Website

Do you ever hear the term “niche website” in relation to website development and wonder what it is, what it means and what it can do for you?

Let me try to shed a little light. A niche website is a small website that is focused on a particular topic or area of interest. For example a niche website would be a website that only sells t-shirts. To make the niche even smaller, the person might only sell white t-shirts. You see what I mean? When customers are looking for white t-shirts in theory they’ll go right to your website which sells only white t-shirts. Now you understand what a niche website is.

Next you may wonder why a niche website important. Simply put there are a lot of large websites out there and loads of competition for sites who want to achieve the top rankings. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be on top? We all want to be on top but everybody can’t. Other websites have been out there longer than you, have more money for advertising than you, etc. To level the playing ground, you can focus on a single “niche” and pull in a lot of website traffic from website surfers who are looking for exactly what you have.

For example if you want to rank well for website design, you might try the small business, non profit or your city niche (i.e. Memphis web design) for website design. There will be significantly less competition for those terms than for website design in general. Now that you see how niches work, you can select a niche related to your website’s topic to begin promoting.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when setting up your niche website:

Name your website pages so that your niche keywords are included. For example if your niche is small business website design, name your pages in the following manner small-business-web-site-design.html or small_business_website_design.html.

When exchanging links with other websites, ensure your niche keywords are used as the anchor text. For example, if your website niche is small business website design the anchor text should say “small business website design” and link back to your website. Try to get as many backlinks as you can with your niche keywords in them.

Hopefully these tips will get you on your way to setting up your own niche website and drawing in more search engine traffic.



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Google Adsense 101

1. Read through the Terms of Service. Really you should.

2. Never click your own ads.

3. Don’t ask your friends or website visitors to click on your ads.

4. Don’t modify the adsense code.

5. Remember the 3/3/2 rule. You can use 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes on each of your pages. You can also place up to 3 referral ads on your page.

6. Keep CTR and CPM rates confidential.

7. Don’t label your ads with anything other than “Sponsored links” , “Sponsors” or “Advertisements”.

8. Don’t place images next to your ads to give the appearance that they are associated with the ads.

9. Don’t send mass spam email messages to people asking them to visit your website hoping they’ll click on your ads.

10. Make sure any pages that you place adsense on have content and comply with Google policies.

If you haven’t joined the Google Adsense Affiliate Program yet, Sign up for Google Adsense . It’s a great way to make money from your website.



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Free Printable Child’s Birthday Party Invitations

If your youngster is having a birthday party and you need printable child birthday party invitations, you’re in luck! I’ve created several new themed printable birthday party invitations specifically made for young children’s birthday parties.

These free birthday party themes have festive birthday illustrations complete with birthday cakes, presents, balloons and party confetti. The birthday party themes include clowns, dinosaurs, ducks, pirates, teddy bears, ballerina, princess themes and cowboy western themed birthday party invitations.

If your child is into characters I also have included some character themes like 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine, Alice in Wonderland, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Bambi, Barbie, Barney the Dinosaur, Batman, Beauty and the Beast, Blues Clues, Bob the Builder and more.  As you can tell I’m going down the alphabet with the children’s characters so check back soon as I’ll be adding more character themed birthday party invitations later on in the week.

As with our other free party invitations, you print the birthday party invitations out using your home printer and fill in the child’s name, the date, time, location and RSVP information of the birthday party.

Vist out themed birthday party invitations page.



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How To Delete Search History On Google

When you search for something using the Google search bar of your web browser, It keeps a list..a long list of the things you have previously searched for in it’s history. This can be annoying sometimes and you might want to get rid of your search history.

To get rid of Google your search history, click on the down arrow on the right of the search box. You’ll see all of your search history displayed. Towards the bottom of the window you’ll see a link that says, Clear History.

how to clear google search history 

Click on this link and your Google history will be gone.


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How to Register a Website Copyright

If you have a website the day is going to come when you want to register your website with the US Copyright Office. Visit the copyright office website here: http://copyright.gov/.

You will have to pay a copyright registration fee of $45 to register your website. Along with your registration fee you’ll snail mail the Copyrights Office a copy of your website content on a cd. Any new works that you generate are automatically protected under the copyright law.

In a couple of weeks you’ll receive a notice and a copyright registration number once they receive your information.

You can search through the database to see your copyright information here: http://cocatalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?DB=local&PAGE=First

As an example, Hoover Web Design’s web site’s copyright number is TXu001068140.

Getting a copyright for your website will come in handy if you ever have to sue any body for stealing your own original content.



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Happy Father’s Day Greeting Card Templates

Happy Father’s Day. I created a 9 new Happy Father’s Day printable greeting cards. The greeting cards have all sorts of vector illustrations that involve dads doing their thing.  You can view the father’s day greetings here.  The headers all say “Happy Father’s Day”. 

The greeting cards are quarter fold greetings, meaning you fold an 8 1/2 sheet of paper in half and then fold it in half again to create a single greeting card. The inside of the card is blank and you can write a few words to thank your dad for all he does. For a personalized touch you can also decorate the card with crayons and markers. Whatever you’d like really. Your dad will love this Father’s Day greeting card because you made it yourself.

I also created 2 Happy Father’s Day Greetings for Grandpa in case you want to let your grandpa know he’s appreciated too.



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Wedding Invitations Printables and More

If you or a loved one is getting married and is in need of printables for your wedding,  you can find several printable items that can be used in the planning of your wedding. These pritnable items include printable wedding invitations, wedding guestbook pages, and commitment and recommitment certificates.

The wedding printables are all templates. Simply print the printables out and fill in your wedding information such as whom the party is in honor of, the date, time, location and RSVP information for the party. On the certificates you would fill in the commitment or recommitment information for the couple.

The following printable invitations can be used to invite friends and family to your wedding parties and events:

Printable Wedding Invitations
Engagement Party Printable Invitations
Rehearsal Dinner Party Invitations
Bridesmaid Brunch Printable Invitations
Bridesmaid Luncheon Printable Invitations
Bridal Brunch Printable Invitations
Bridal Luncheon Printable Invitations
Bride Brunch Printable Invitations
Bridal Shower Printable Invitations
Wedding Breakfast Printable Invitations

Printable Wedding Guestbook Pages - These pages are a fun item that you can have your wedding guests sign at your wedding and will become a cherished keepsake.

If you are renewing your wedding vows, the following printables will be useful for you:

Recommitment Ceremony Printable Invitations
Renew Your Wedding Vows Printable Certificates
Anniversary Party Printable Invitations

If you are committing yourself to another, the following printables will be useful for you:

Commitment Ceremony Printable Invitations
Commitment Ceremony Printable Certificates

Show your loved one that you care by giving them printable love coupons.


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