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Printable Birthday Party Invitations

I’ve added several new printable birthday party invitations and templates. The free birthday party invitations contain many birthday themed vector illustrated images of birthday cakes, party balloons, confetti, birthday hats, candles, teddy bears, birthday presents and more. There are now 19 printable birthday party invitation templates for you to choose from.

We have also added a new page of themed birthday party invitations for the following: Baby’s First Birthday Party, Sweet 16 Birthday Party, 18th Birthday Party, 21st Birthday Party, 40th Birthday Party and  50th Birthday Party.

Like our other printable party invitations, these are free and ready for you to print out using your home printer.  The birthday party invitations are quarter page folded invitations.  This means that you fold an 8 1/2 sheet of paper in half and fold again to create a single invitation. All that is needed is the Adobe PDF Reader software (FREE) and your home printer!  The inside of the party invitation templates has a place to write who the birthday party is in honor of, the date, time, location of the party and RSVP information.

Visit our printable birthday party invitations page.



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Fun Summer Party Printable Party Invitations

The weather is great here in Memphis and I know that everyone wants to get out and do something outdoors.  Summer is the perfect time for a party. Friends and family can get together and have a great time.

I’ve added a bunch of new printable party invitation templates that can be used for parties that are general held around the summertime season.

printable party invitation templatesThese newly created free party invitations include the following themes: pool party, backyard cookout, wine tasting, lobster boil, crawfish boil, brunchpicnic, cocktails, 4th of July, fish fryjoin me for drinks, margaritas, luncheon, breakfast, mardi gras, Father’s day, oscar party, movie night, dinner & movie, couples date night, company picnic, black tie event, date night, anniversary party, retirement party,  formal affair and family reunion. Over 25 new printable invitations were added.

Like our other printable party invitations these are free and ready for you to print out using your home printer. All that is needed is the Adobe PDF Reader software (FREE), and your home printer!

Simply fold an 8 1/2 sheet of paper in half and fold again to create a single invitation. Open the invitation up and add the date, time, and location of your party.

Visit our party invitation page to get started downloading the free invitations.


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Printable Luau Party Invitations Templates

With the summer party season underway, I’ve added a few printable party invitation templates with a Luau Party theme. My family and I had a Luau party a few weeks ago to celebrate the kids being out of school for the summer. We barbequed chicken, shrimp and hamburgers.  I found some cups that looked like cocoanuts for everyone to drink out of on eBay. I also found a great Hawaiian music cd.  I found a great website that gives a translation of your name in to Hawaiian. Every one had a ball and this memory will last a long time. My little one was especially cute with her flower lei in her hair and grass skirt.  :)

luau party invitation template with hula dancerWell, the Luau Party invitations templates on this website contain nice vector images of hula dancers, coconuts, yummy pineapples, tropical cocktails, drinks with umbrellas,  colorful hibiscus flowers and more Hawaiian themes.

Like our other printable greetings these are free and ready for you to print out using your home printer. All that is needed is the Adobe PDF Reader software (FREE), your home printer and your Creativity!   Simply fold an 8 1/2 sheet of paper in half and fold again to create a single invitation. The inside of the Luau Party Invitation template card has a space for you to add a date, time and place of your Luau.

Visit our printable luau party invitations page.



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Feeling Lucky?

If you are a fan of Chuck Norris like I am, you’ll get a kick out of this.

Go to Google.com and in the search box type in:

find chuck norris

Click on the I’m Feeling Lucky button.

The result is 0 results because you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you. It’s nice to see that Google has a sense of humor. :)

Here’s another site under I’m Feeling Lucky with cool information about Chuck Norris


Here are a couple of other Google Tricks:

Type in elgoog or google mirror and I’m Feeling lucky and the page will be backwards.

Type in ewmew fudd with I’m Feeling Lucky and the search buttons will say, Google Seawch and I’m Feewing Wucky.


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How to Crop a Square Image To Have Rounded Edges Using Fireworks

Do you ever see images on a page that have nice rounded corners and wonder how it’s done? It’s very easy and you can do it. Here’s a short tutorial I wrote up on how to make a square image have cool rounded corners using Fireworks.

Start with a new canvas or make sure you have enough room to work on the canvas.

From the menu choose Insert Image, and navigate your computer to the location of the image that you want to create the effect of rounded corners. Select Open and click once to add the graphic to your canvas.

crop image tutorial 

Resize the image to whatever size you would like it to be.

Click on the Rectangle Tool from the toolbar on the left.

Look at the Options on the Pointer menu and change the corner to 13 or whatever you would like. The higher the number the more rounded the corners will be. To make the corners less round use a lower number.

Go ahead and draw a Rounded rectangle in the size that you want the new image to be cropped to.

Place the Rounded rectangle that you just drew on top of the image.

Select both items (the rectangle and your image) with your pointer.

Now Right Click and select Mask Group, Mask to Path.

mask an image tutorial

Voila! Now your image has been masked to have rounded corners.

Trim your canvas by selecting Modify, Trim Canvas.

image mask tutorial with fireworks

Export your newly created graphic into your web folder and use your html editor to add it to your web page.

You’re all done.

Here’s a bonus. You know you don’t have to use the Rectangle tool.  The same masking effect can be done using Web Dings Font and other fonts with symbols. Your image can take on any shape of a symbol font.  Just enlarge the font size to 300 or so and place the font symbol over the image you want to have the mask. Select both  items,  Right Click and select Mask Group, Mask to Path.


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Supplement Your Website Income with Kontera

Kontera is an affiliate program for website owners and a great way to supplement your various steams of internet income. Unlike the usual banner and content affiliate programs, Kontera reads the content on each of your web pages and picks out certain keywords which were bid on by advertisers. Double underlines are then automatically placed on these words or ContentLinksâ„¢. When one of your site visitors holds their mouse over one of the double underlined words an ad appears. If the visitor is interested in the ad and clicks through to the advertisers website you’ll be paid for the click. Payment terms are Net 30 once your balance reaches $100.

To get started you sign up to become a Kontera publisher. For each website that you want the ContentLinksâ„¢ to appear on you must apply for a new code. After you have been approved, Kontera will send you the code that must be placed on your website. It’s very simple to implement.

Kontera’s ContentLinksâ„¢ can be placed alongside Google Adsense and in fact, many publishers find the combination to be highly successful. Kontera and Google’s advertisements are different in method of delivery - Google provides relevant ads mixed in with your content while Kontera’s ContentLinksâ„¢ are within the content text. For this reason, Kontera ads can be used as a supplemental ad service as well as a primary source of revenue.

From my personal experience Kontera is a great program to join. It is non-intrusive to my site visitors. Setting up the code is very easy to do. You can change the color of the double underlined links to match with your website. As far as revenue is concerned, it’s rather erratic. For me it ranges from $20 to $60 per day. The more website traffic that you have, the more money you’ll make. I don’t earn as much as I do with Google Adsense but it’s more than enough to keep it on my website.

Sign up for Kontera.


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$47.29 Click

The other day I logged into my Adsense account and noticed a surge in my earnings. I looked around a bit and saw that I had 1 click for $47.29.  That’s got to be rare. I don’t keep up with the clicks too much, but that’s got to be the highest click that I’ve received. I have received more with a click but it was with a referral ad which was for $100. All I can say is WOW!

Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing which ad was clicked. Even if I did know which advertiser it was I couldn’t do anything. I’m just curious that’s all. All I know is that the ad appeared on a page with web hosting content on it.

 google adsense highest click

Sign up for Google Adsense


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How to Stop Image Hotlinking

Hotlinking in simplified terms is linking to a graphic on another persons website without permission. How does it happen? Usually someone visits your website. They “like” a graphic that they’ve seen on your web site and decide they want it on their website. I guess you should be flattered. This person doesn’t bother to ask you for permission to use the image or even right click on the graphic to steal the graphic outright. Maybe they are an inexperienced novice or maybe they just don’t care. Instead they opt to link to the graphic from their website using a code similar to the one below:

<img src=”http://www.victimsite .com/image_name.jpg” height=”89″ width=”53″>

Sounds harmless, right? Well, not really.

code to stop image hotlinkingFirst let me explain to you about bandwidth. Bandwidth is the total amount of resources that are used by a web site. Bandwidth is calculated in bytes of data downloaded from your web site visitors and includes pages, images, files, etc. Every time a visitor comes to your web site and opens a page, this uses up your bandwidth.  Most web hosting plans come with a certain amount of bandwidth that you are allotted to each month. When someone is hotlinking to your graphics, each time their page is loaded with your graphic it goes against your web site’s bandwidth. This could cause you to run out to run out of bandwidth and have to purchase additional bandwidth to keep your website online. In essence, you have to foot the bill for this person who stole your graphics and who caused you to run over your bandwidth allotment for the month. Not Cool. If a lot of people hotlink to your graphics you’re going to have a big EXPENSIVE problem!

Besides putting notices on your website to prevent hotlinking, you can add the following to your .htacess file:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.hooverwebdesign.com [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://hooverwebdesign.com [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.photos.hooverwebdesign.com [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://photos.hooverwebdesign.com [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.google.com [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://google.com [NC]
RewriteRule .*\.(gif|GIF|jpg|JPG|swf|SWF|zip|ZIP|wav|WAV)$ http://www.hooverwebdesign.com [R,L]

Instead of the hooverwebdesign domain, add your domain there with and without the www. If you have any subdomains on your website list them with and without the www. You can also list any other domains that you want to be able to access to your graphics.

Using this server rewrite code will only allow the domains listed in the .htaccess file to show your images from that web site.  All other websites who try to display your images will show broken links. When the hotlinking thief pulls up his website and sees the broken images they’ll usually delete the links to your images and find someone else to steal from.

Here is a link to an additional article which discuss more ways to stop image hotlinking:

David Airey Blog  (you have to scroll down a bit to read the post)

I hope this helps.


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Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

Log into your WordPress blog’s admin area.

Select Options or Settings depending on which version of Wordpress you have installed on your website.
Select Permalinks.

Look under Common Options and select Custom Structure. In the Custom Structure empty box add:


Now click Save or Update Permalink Structure.

Now you should have a message that says,

If your .htaccess file were writable, we could do this automatically, but it isn’t so these are the mod_rewrite rules you should have in your .htaccess file. Click in the field and press CTRL + a to select all.

Select all of the mod-rewrite code that is generated and paste it into a blank text file. Notepad or WordPad will do just fine.

Save the document as .htaccess and upload to your blog’s directory. For example my blog is stored at http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/blog/, so I’ve added the .htaccess file that I created to my /blog/ directory.

Upload this .htaccess file to your web host and that should do it. You should have search engine friendly urls for each of your posts.


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Spanish Greeting Cards

We’ve been busy adding several new spanish greeting cards to the website.

If you visit our Spanish Greetings page you’ll see greeting card themes for Feliz Cumpleaños (Happy Birthday),  Felicitaciones (Congratulations), Feliz Graduacion (Happy Graduation),
and Feliz dia de las Madres (Happy Mother’s Day). Like our other printable greetings these are free and ready for you to print out using your home printer.

All that is needed is the Adobe PDF Reader software (FREE), your home printer and your Creativity! The inside of the Mother’s Day greeting card is left blank so that you can add any personalized message that you like.

spanish greetings

Check back later for more spanish greeting cards with themes for Día feliz de Valentinos (Happy Valentines Day), Lo Siento (I’m Sorry), Mi Pésame (My Condolences), Te Quiero (I Love You), Usted Es Invitado (You Are Invited), Lo siento para su pérdida  (I’m Sorry For Your Loss), Bienvenido A Casa (Welcome Home) and Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas).

Visit our spanish greetings page.


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