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Google Adsense Allowed Sites Feature

If you run Google Adsense on your website you are aware that someone might copy your publisher number and put it on a website that is not your own. For those of you who don’t think it can happen you are wrong.  Someone may like your websites design and decide to copy it and use it for their website. Copying = Stealing. Many newbies do this. Sometimes they’ll change the wording, sometimes they won’t. It’s happened to me more times than I care to count. The page stealer may not  know enough to delete your Adsense code from the page. Worst case they’ll add some content that does not comply with Adsense policies. They could also do this on purpose in an attempt to get you kicked from the Adsense program. They could even put the ads on their website and repeatedly click the ads to see what would happen.

Before the Allowed Sites feature I randomly searched for my publisher number to see what would come up. One time I found some other website using my publisher number in their Adsense and reported them to Google. The page content was not questionable but I did not want any random person putting my account at risk.

Now that the Allowed Sites feature is available, I can allow only certain domains to display ads for my account. If someone steals my Adsense code and places it on their website my account is still safe.  I simply check the box that says, “Allow ads from only the following domains” and list all of my websites domains. Only those domains listed are the ones that can generate revenue for my account. Ads will still show on the website and impressions and clicks will be counted but the advertiser will not be charged for any clicks. If someone steals my publisher number they can do what they want to with it and my account will not be in jeopardy.

adsense allowed sites

If any website has used your publisher number to display Adsense it will be noted on the Unauthorized Sites Report. Recently there have been discussions about Google’s own sites appearing on this report. If someone is using Google under an ip or a specific country you’ll see a listing there like this:


With any clicks generated under those urls, you will not get credit for and can loose income. So that the click is counted under your account, you should list any Google sites under your Allowed Sites section. I choose not to list bing.com, copyscape.com and other sites.



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Planned Google Chrome Operating System

Well it looks like Microsoft has a strong competitor for it’s Windows operating system. Google just announced that it will create it’s own operating system based on it’s web browser Chrome. Google is so innovative in their business operations that I’m sure it will be an excellent product.

This competition has to be a plus for consumers like you and me. In my opinion Windows has way too many bugs and incompatibility issues. Many that they could care less to fix. Now maybe Microsoft will get back on their toes since consumers will have a choice. The new operating system is set for release at the end of 2010. I’m definitely going to give it a try.



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Understanding Webalizer Stats

Most web hosting plans come with a basic stats package called Webalizer which you can use to keep track of who’s visiting your website. Valuable information such as unique visitors, page views and more is provided in this stats report. Webalizer analyzes your web servers logs to gather inforamtion about your visitors. Webalizer is a bit intimidating to some so here’s a quick rundown of understanding Webalizer Stats.

Important to Know

Pages = Pageviews or the Total Number of Web pages Viewed
Sites = Total Number of Unique Visitors

Not so important

Visits = Estimate of People robots, etc. visiting your website
Hits = Total number of web pages, graphics, and other file requests
Files = Total number of graphics loaded onto pages
KBytes = Amount of Data Transfer

hoover web design webalizer stats 

Upon opening the monthly report, you’ll see some really helpful information here. You can find monthly statistics, hits by response code, daily statistics, hourly statistics, your top 30 requested urls (graphics and other files), top 10 total urls, top 10 entry pages, top 10 exit pages, top 250 referrers, top 20 search strings, top 20 usernames for your password protected areas, top 15 user agents, and top 30 site usage by country.

Areas that I look at frequently are referrers, user agents, search strings, and usernames.  Referrers can tell you where your site visitors are coming from. You’ll find direct links from search engines and other websites. You’ll also see links for your own websites internal pages. Search strings is also an important indicator because it’s nice to know what your visitors are looking for at your website. If you have a little of what they are looking for….add more!

After looking through Webalizer stats a bit you’ll see that Webalizer is a very valuable and easy to use tool for determining information about your website visitors that can help make your website better.


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4th of July Party Invitations & Greeting Cards

Independence Day or July the 4th is this coming Saturday. Many people, including me will be getting a head start on the weekend on Friday. I’m looking forward to the long weekend. Of course my family and I will be going to our cabin and cruising on the boat.  We bought a bunch of stuff for the boat (swim ladder,12 volt  coffee pot, generator, fans, etc.) and will be getting them all installed this weekend. Maybe we’ll do fireworks on Saturday night. I noticed last week that the fireworks vendors have started to sell them.

If your plans for this weekend involve throwing a 4th of July barbeque, you can find free printable party invitations here: http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/4th-of-july-free-printable-invitations.html. 

Don’t forget to give your loved ones a free printable 4th of July Greeting Card from here: http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/printable-4th-of-july-greetings-cards.html.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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Update on Adbrite

Well my ads are now showing. I have two complaints: the ads that are displayed are not  targeted.  No one is interested in clicking on any of the ads because they are not targeted. I have made about $1.86 for 12,965 impressions since I started using Adbrite last week. See some of the ads I’ve been getting:

adbrite ad 1

Sometimes I’ll look and see a Network Solutions ad, which I don’t mind, but the problem is the ad would be in both ad blocks. I decided to remove my second image and text ad zone and fill it in with Commission Junction until I can have the text only ad zone set up.  That way I won’t get the same ads. The text only ad zone is set up now but there are text ads for schools, credit cards and some type of people finder.

adbrite ad 2

There doesn’t seem to be many advertisers for my niche but I’m going to give it a little bit longer.



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2001 Crownline 242CR

We have been looking for a boat for a long time and finally have bought one. It is a 2001 Crownline 242CR.

Here are some pictures:

crownline 242 cr boat

This boat has everything that we wanted. My husband had to drive 700+ miles to bring it back to Memphis, Tennessee. The boat has been unused for a while so we (my husband) have to get everything back up to 100%. There are some minor things that need to be fixed like a leak in the sink and we also want to install a marine air conditioner. It get soo hot! I’m looking for a Krusin Kool portable air conditioner. It looks like they don’t make them anymore so I’m looking to buy a used one. It’s shaped like a briefcase and it can be placed in the cabin.

Owning a boat is so much fun. We went fishing like 3 times already. It’s so cool to just walk up to the dock and get in the boat and cruise. I caught a bass fish yesterday. Here’s a pic:

bass fish

Of course I didn’t reel him in because I was scared to touch him. That’s what husbands are for :) Here’s a picture that can be used as wallpaper of where I caught my fish:

[download Sardis Lake wall paper] Right click and save to your computer.

Initially we thought we’d keep the boat at our cabin but the boat is too big for that. Wouldn’t fit through the driveway. I think we’ll clear out some trees at the cabin so that we can store the boat there next year.



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Update: 7/21/09 - I was lucky enough to find a Kruzin Cool portable air conditioner on Craigslist. It came in the mail today. Thanks so much Stanley P. We also bought a 17 inch flip down tv/dvd for the boat. I can’t wait to see it all installed this weekend!

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An update on my computer problems

Here’s an update on my computer problems. For those that don’t know I got a virus in January that crippled my computer. I bought a new Dell computer with Windows Vista and kept getting the blue screen about every 5 or so minutes. It turns out there was some problem with the ATI graphics card and Windows Vista. Neither company has a fix for the problem. I don’t understand why it is ethical for Dell to sell a computer with products that are not compatible with one another. I read several stories of other people who have had the same problem with the ATI graphics card and Vista:


I couldn’t take loosing my work every 5 minutes, so I wound up formatting the computer that had the virus and reinstalling all of the software. I like XP much better anyway.

Now my issue is that my computer won’t read any SD card. I put the sd card in the slot and nothing happens. I checked out Microsoft Support Knowledgebase and saw that they had a hot fix for the problem although there is no way to actually download the fix. I contacted Microsoft support thinking they would give me the fix or tell me where to download it from, instead they told me to contact Gateway. See the email from Microsoft:


Windows XP Media Center Edition is only distributed as an OEM version. This means it comes pre-installed with computers. I recommend contacting your computer manufacturer for further assistance. They will be in a better position to assist you with the issue you are experiencing.

…You can also contact Microsoft Support Professionals, who are specialized to handle these issues, on a Pay-Per-Incident basis by calling (800) 936-5700. They are available from 5 A.M to 9 P.M Monday to Friday and from 6 A.M to 3 P.M on Saturday and Sunday.


In other words I’ll have to pay Microsoft for the hot fix. Before I do that I decided to contact Gateway and they basically blew me off. Here’s the response that they sent me:


Thank you for contacting Gateway. I would be happy to assist you with the SD card issue.

However with the serial number CCH6691001736 we can’t pull up the system details.

> So kindly fax the proof of purchase details to 254-298-4231.

> The proof of purchase details should include the following details


-Phone number


-Serial number

-A short statement that the fax is for proof of purchase.

-All information should be typed or written in black or blue ink.

If there any changes in the details, it will take 48-hrs to update with our database.

So, wait for the required time.

After that, we will support.

After faxing the POP you may contact our Level 2 support within 48 hours.

For that, you may contact our voice support whom are available 5 AM to 12 midnight PT seven days a week and they will escalate you to the Level 2 support.

Voice Technical Support   : 1-800-846-2000*

Long-distance charge may apply, depending on your calling area.

For further clarifications please feel free to visit our web site http://support.gateway.com/

Thank you for contacting Gateway,

Have a great day!

Gateway Online Technical Support

That’s ridiculous! How am I going to have a great day after that email? I purchased the Gateway GM5088 Windows Media Center computer in 2005 or 2006 from Best Buy and have no idea of where the receipt is. They didn’t bother to keep any records of the sale so now I’m made to feel like I “stole” the computer and given 0 help. Wonderful! I gotta say I’m not surprised! All the big companies want to do is pass the buck! Customer service is virtually non-existant!

Obviously I have to solve this problem myself. I tried to use an old sd card reader that I had but it didn’t work either. I’m going to buy a new card reader and maybe it will. If not, I’m not sure what I’m going to do about this problem yet. I’ve had to use another computer to transfer pictures from my digital camera’s sd card to a flash drive and then to my main computer. It’s a real pain in the butt! Enough of my ranting  I guess :)



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Trying Out Adbrite

I’ve been hearing about Adbrite for a few years and decided to give them a try.  Adbrite can help publishers such as myself generate revenue for their website. A plus is that Adbrite also allows publishers to sell their own ad inventory on their website and set the prices.

I recently put the Adbrite code on a few of my websites pages (and deleted Adsense as they are not compatible).  Apparently I signed up in 2008 (don’t remember) but never added the code to my website.  I am now waiting for the ads to appear in the 3 zones that I selected. I chose one 728×90 ad block at the top of all of my web template preview pages and a 300×250 ad block at the top left of the template preview pages and template search engine page. I am anxious to see how relevant the ads are and how much the payouts are.

While I am waiting for the ads to appear, the ad blocks are blank and read “Advertise on this site”. Yes, I make $0 money while the zones are not showing ads. I read that it could take up to 24 hours for the ads to appear.

ad brite ad blocks 

I thought it would be less but It doesn’t look like it.  I’m not happy that it takes so long to see what the ads will be but will remain open minded. I hope that I set up the zones correctly and added enough keywords. I won’t know anything for sure until the ads Network appear. Hopefully by Saturday there will be ads in the zones.

If you want to join Adbrite with me here’s the join button:



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Download Free Fathers Day Greeting Cards

Fathers Day is coming up this weekend, June 21, 2009. If you’d like to show your love and affection to your father for the awesome job that he does, why not download a free printable greeting card. There are 16 Fathers Day Greeting Cards to Choose from so I know you’ll find one that you like.

[download free printable Fathers Day greeting cards]

The greeting cards are quarter fold greetings, meaning you fold an 8 1/2 sheet of paper in half and then fold it in half again to create a single greeting card. The inside of the card is blank and you can write a few words to thank your dad for all he does.

If you want to say happy Fathers day to your Grandpa, pick up a free greeting card here.



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Free Memorial Day Party Invitations and Memorial Day Greeting Cards

The long Memorial Day weekend is coming up. If you are having a backyard bbq this weekend and need an easy way to invite friends and family over for your party, you’re in luck! We have a couple of free Memorial Day party invitations that you can download for free from our website. The Memorial Day party invitations have barbeque and grilling scenes on them. To use them simply print them out and fold them up. Download the free party invitations here:


If you want to send a loved one a Memorial Day greeting card we have those as well. You can download them here:


Don’t forget to make an envelope for your party invitation or greeting card using our printable envelope guide. I’ve received lots of emails from my site visitors saying they love the envelope and would love to hear your feedback as well.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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