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Last Minute Printable Mothers Day Greeting Cards

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, May 10, 2009. For those of you who have let time get away from you, you can download and print out free printable mothers day greeting cards to give to your mother. A bouquet of pretty flowers and words from your heart will mean more to her than anything else. It will also let mom know that she is special to you. Kids love printable projects like this which they can create greeting cards themselves.

There are 20 different printable greeting cards to choose from. The Mother’s Day Greeting Cards have graphics that display all kinds of flowers and floral arrangements that moms like such as: roses, sunflowers, cala lilys, azaleas and more.

To make your own printable greeting cards all you need is the Adobe PDF Reader software (FREE), your home printer and your Creativity! The inside of each of the Mother’s Day greeting cards is left blank so that you can add your own customized message.  Kids can add stickers or whatever else they think they’re mom will love. :)

[ Download Printable Mother’s Day Greeting Cards ]



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Happy Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo or the 5th of May is a fun celebration of Mexican heritage and pride through out the United States. How to celebrate? If you aren’t throwing a party, be tropical, lie on the beach, have a frozen margarita, or go eat some Taco Bell!

If you’d like to wish that someone have a happy Cinco De Mayo you’ll find a bunch of printable greeting cards here:




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Swine Flu It’s a Hot Topic

Everybody is talking about the Swine Flu. Twitter is abuzz about it. Swine Flu does not come from eating pork but it’s a highly contagious disease which can kill the young, old and sickly. The symptoms of swine flu are similar to your typical flu, fever, cough, headache and muscle aches. This strain also causes vomiting and diarrhea.

I didn’t think it was a big matter of concern because there have been no reported cases in Memphis, Tennessee or the state of Tennessee for that matter. My son told me that some kids came to school with masks on their face. I have heard that some child in a Collierville private school may have the H1N1 flu virus. They tested him at St.Jude and have sent the tests to the Centers for Disease Control. So this is very close to home. The health officials are saying they don’t want you to be fearful but they want you to take steps not to catch it. Wash your hands a lot and use hand sanitizer.

The TMZ website had a few commercials (made in the 70’s) that talk about the Swine Flu. If it really spreads like that we all should be wearing masks. BTW, I’ve heard you can’t find any of those surgical masks in the stores so I bought some off of eBay. Thank goodness for eBay:)

Some blogger says he made $2,750 in two days with a blog post about the flu. Wow, check it out here:



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Download Free Twitter Buttons

Twitter is addictive. It’s a great way to  keep intouch with friends and family and see what they are up to. If you have a business it’s also a great way to let customers know what’s new on your webiste.  If you have a lot of followers it’s a great way to draw traffic to your website.

If you are really into Twittering you want other people to follow you. Most of the free Twitter buttons that I’ve found on the internet are kinda boring and don’t really show a lot of personality. I made a few free download Twitter button graphics that are unique show a little attitude.  Here are some samples:

play stalk me on twitter

I Lead you follow twitter button

[ Download Free Twitter Buttons ] 

Enjoy them! If you want to follow Gina on Twitter click here.


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Adsense Beta Testing Category Filtering

Google is beta testing category filtering in published accounts. I’m one of the lucky few who get to test this new feature out. If you have this feature enabled in your account it is located under the Ad Review Center. You can choose up to 5 different categories to filter from your website.

The category choices include the following:

Cosmetic Procedures & Body Modification
Drugs & Supplements
Get Rich Quick
Ringtones & Downloadables
Sexual & Reproductive Health
Sexually Suggestive
Video Games (Casual & Online)
Weight Loss

This new feature also tells you how each category affects your revenue. For example it will tell you that such and such percent of your revenue comes from the Dating category, such and such percent comes from the Get Rich Quick category.  I was conservative and excluded the categories that were contributing to my revenue the least. The 5 categories I chose to exclude were Cosmetic Procedures & Body Modification, Dating, Drugs and Supplements, Ringtones & Downloadables, Weight Loss. I just made my selections on Friday so I don’t know of the impact on my revenue yet.

adsense category filterign beta test 

This new feature looks to be very useful and will give the Adsense publisher more control over the ads that appear on their website. Ideas for improvement:

  • Ability to select more categories.
  • Ability to select categories by individual website instead of for the whole account.
  • Ability to filter out more than 5 categories. Just about all of those categories listed have nothing to do with a webmaster website and could be excluded.

Check out the Adsense Blog for their spin on it:




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Happy Arbor Day!

This year Arbor Day is celebrated on Friday, April 24th. Arbor Day is a nationally celebrated holiday that most people go out and plant a tree. Some communities have events where a large group of people get together and plant trees in the area. It’s a lot of fun and it’s good to get communities involved. Check your local news for any tree planting events in your area.

I’m going to plant a new dogwood tree in my backyard. Dogwoods are so beautiful. On my website you can download a free printable Happy Arbor Day greeting cards. I just made some the other day. The Arbor Day cards will remind a loved one to plant a tree.



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Free Download Artsy Girl Website Template

I was browsing through The Design Trade website a few weeks ago and came across this really cute image of a young woman. In the illustration she is sketching on a drawing pad. I thought the image would be great to use in a template. I finally had a chance to sit down and do something with the image and am pleased that the template came out so great!

I chose to make a personal home page template with the image. This template can be for just about any type of girls website. I had bought another image of butterflies and combined those two images together in this artsy template. Take a look at the template preview here:

free artsy girl website template

Cute, huh? The images are just beautiful. For the navigation I made buttons that you can use or you can use text links which are on the left side of the web page. There are 3 little dotted boxes that you can use to house your site’s information like contact information, links or whatever. The content area is open for you to add your own websites text. I’ve included pages for home, about and contact. You can make as many additional pages as you like.
[Download Artsy Girl Free Website Template]

The template terms of use are included in the zip file.  I purchased two more images from The Design Trade and plan on making them into website templates soon. Not sure if those will be freebies yet.

The Design Trade is a website for web designers where you can buy a license for images to use in your projects. The graphics are awesome and the prices are great. As you can tell, I am a satisfied and long time customer. :)



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Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Wednesday, April 22nd is Administrative Professionals Day. It’s a day that we should all take time and say thanks to support staff such as secretaries, administrative assistants and coordinators who keep the office running.

It’s customary to take your support staff to lunch or at least give them a greeting card or flowers to let them know that they are appreciated.

On our website we have free download Happy Administrative’ Assistant’s Day Printable Greeting Cards. There are 7 printable greeting cards to choose from.



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Free Church Website Design Template

This baby blue, 1-page free website template is made for a church or religious groups website. The templates header shows an image of the sky with two birds flying. I took that picture myself at the beach during Spring Break when I was in Pensacola, Florida.

The navigation is text links so you can add as many pages as you’d like to the template. The main content area is on the left side of the page and you can add whatever you like there. The right of the page has sections that you can use for whatever you like. The bottom of the template footer says, Praise the Lord. I’ve sprinkled in non-denominational religious images which you can swap out for images that coincide with your religion. A graphic editor isn’t needed for this template, just a html editor.
Preview the template here:

free church website templates

[Download Free Church Website Design Template]

As always, if you use the template I’d appreciate a link back to my website.



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Free Swimwear Ecommerce Website Template

This free web template has an ecommerce theme and is made for someone who sells women’s swimwear. There’s a cute picture of a fashionable woman in some exotic beach wearing a bikini. The sun is shining brightly and she’s looking to buy some more swimsuits.  :)

At the top of this website  template you can showcase up to 6 of your swimsuit stores categories such as tops, bottoms, one pieces, two pieces, etc. The yellow tag is a coupon that can lead to your items on sale or whatever you want to write on it. The template’s content area has two main parts. On the left of the web page you can have sections for welcome info, web links and your stores contact information. This area is text so you can rename these boxes to anything you’d like, like an internet coupon, special offers and more.

On the right of the template you can list your stores products. You’ll have to add your own stores product information such as the product image, product description, product price and link the add to cart button to the link that will add the product to the customers shopping cart. 2Checkout and PayPal are recommended because of their ease of use.

You’ll need a graphic editor to add you site name and to customize some of the web graphics. The pages included with this free website template are home, about, store and contact. You can make as many additional pages as you need.

Preview the template here:

free ecommerce website template

[Download Daisy’s Swimwear Ecommerce Website]

If you use the website template I’d appreciate a link back to my website at http://www.hooverwebdesign.com.



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