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Analyze your Google Search Queries

I was reading the Webmasterworld forum today and someone posted about being able to see your ranking in Google. The poster commented they didn’t know you could use Google’s webmaster tools to see your ranking on the web. I didn’t know this either and went to check it out.

If you log into Google Webmaster Tools and click on “Your site on the web” and “Search queries”, you can see what keywords your sites visitors are typing into Google to find your website. I think I might have seen this before but they’ve enhanced how it functions. Besides seeing the search engine queries, you can also see your sites’ impressions and clicks. Looking down specifically at each keyword or phrase you can see impressions, change, clicks, percentage of change (+/-), average position and more.

This free information is very valuable and lets you know what you need to work on within your website. I can look at each keyword or keyphrase and see those keywords that my site is dropping ranking in and try to correct any problems that would make the page position fall. I plan to go through each keyword and for those keywords that are failing, updating the page by adding more unique content to it and fine tuning the content.

If you haven’t checked out Google’s Webmaster Tools lately, you need to do so and see what else is new that can help you achieve higher rankings with your website.


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June 8th, 2011 at 11:07 am

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