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Banned by Google?

Google bans websites that try to cheat to get better rankings or to deceive it’s users by using SEO blackhat techniques.

To tell if your website has been banned go to Google.com and type in your website name,

i.e. site:www.hooverwebdesign.com (substitute hooverwebdesign.com with your domain name)

If you see ZERO search results, it means you are not listed in Google and very well could be banned. Ouch!

Before you panic, maybe it could be a temporarily glitch. If you try again later and get the same results, you have a problem! 

First check that your website isn’t breaking any of Google’s Webmaster Rules. It’s amazing how this day and time I still see websites who put a bunch of paragraph returns with tiny text that is the same color of the page background at the bottom of the page. Even when your website is in Flash this isn’t ok. Google can read flash files so this really isn’t necessary.

You can submit a “Request reconsideration” through the Google Webmaster Tools. Make sure you’ve fixed the problem and tell Google exactly what you did and that you don’t plan to do it again. Stick with this. If you are planning on cheating again, don’t waste your time with the reconsideration request. You’ll eventually get found out. Reinclusion is very hard to get so if you get back in, thank your lucky stars and don’t mess up again!


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April 22nd, 2008 at 11:14 am

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