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Meet Google’s Panda

Have you noticed that your site has fallen in the rankings and you are getting less Google search traffic than you used to? Well, let me introduce you to Google’s Panda. While this panda is like a bear to handle, this panda is not black and white, cute, cuddly or welcomed by most website owners.

Panda is an algorithm change to the Google search engine. It is a concentrated effort by Google to rid itself of scraper and spam websites. Google is always trying to improve the quality of it’s search engine for it’s users. There is no black and white answer about what criteria was used to determine which websites would rise with Panda and which were to fall with Panda.

google panda algorithm changeUnfortunately for some established websites, many have lost search engine rankings that have taken them years to build up. My website included. You can go from page 1 to page 38 just like that! This is not cute, but a very scary reality that many webmasters are dealing with whom rely on getting customers via Google Search.

In reading several webmaster messageboards, the general consensus among webmasters is that Google’s Panda update has hit old established websites and pushed up scraper sites in the rankings. I’ve read on Webmasterworld that there will be a tweak/update to Panda that “might” undo what’s been done to established websites. There is no timeframe on this. No promises, no guarantees. But there is a glimmer of hope…

My advise on how to lessen the effects of Panda…Always stick to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, create your own unique content for your website daily and concentrate on getting quality backlinks. Natural backlinks are best.

As with Google’s previous updates I plan to ride it out. I will continue adding unique quality content and give it some time. If you are doing the right things with your website you’ll recover eventually. Good Luck.


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June 20th, 2011 at 9:34 am

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