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New Linked From Feature in Google Webmaster Tools

I logged into Google Webmaster Tools today to find a new feature that tells you where your broken links are coming from. To access this valuable information click on Overview for one of your sites and then “Not Found” Details. There you’ll see a new column called “Linked From”. This allows you to see where your broken links are coming from. You can see how many pages are linking to the broken url and the actual urls that are linking to the url, internally to your website and also external links.

For example I changed my contact page years ago from index.html to index.php. I thought I had updated the new page name to all of my pages but now I see that I have the wrong link on 46 pages. Yikes! Using this new feature I am able to go to each page and fix the link. I had no idea I was sending my site’s visitors to a 404 error page when they were trying to contact me.

find broken links 404 errors

I worked through the 46 pages to look for the incorrect link and could only find a few pages were linking to the old page. Actually 3. I’m glad to know I didn’t have 46 broken links. Since this is a new tool I think it might still have some kinks in it. The discovery date for the broken link pages is October 14, 15, 16. I suspect its much earlier than that. This is really an awesome addition to webmaster tools. Thanks a lot Google!



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October 20th, 2008 at 7:25 pm

2 Responses to “New Linked From Feature in Google Webmaster Tools”

  1. Breakline Marketing Says:

    I’m working on auditing my clients architecture. I found a lot of URL’s that no longer exist on the site in the Not Found report. Two things:

    1. If they no longer exist don’t I want them to be 404 correct? What command should I assign to them?

    2. Other pages are linking to them. Some on my site and some from other 3rd party sites. What should I tell them to do?



  2. Fred Says:

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