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Creating Your Own Free Flash Website With An Online Website Builder

If you would like to create your own flash website but don’t know how to use the (Macromedia) Adobe Flash program, you can use our online free flash sitebuilder tool. Visit the sitebuilder here: Sitebuilders are great because they help the average person to create a website without having to know html or any programming languages.

Our free site builder tool allows you to design a business or personal website at no cost to you and maintain the website yourself. The sitebuilder tool is very easy to use and to navigate. All that is required is that you must have your own web hosting service so that you can upload your completed website to it. No html editor is needed since you are using the online website builder. The text part of your website can be edited using Notepad, Wordpad, Microsoft Word, or similar text editors. Here’s an example of the free flash website: http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/sitebuilder/hoover/index.html

Follow these simple steps to create your own flash website:

1) Register to receive login and password via email. We won’t share you email address with anyone. Be sure you put in your correct address because if you don’t you won’t receive your password.
2) Login and select a business or personal website design. For this example we’ll say you choose a business flash website. Click Next Step.
3) Enter the title of your business web site. For this example, I’ll say Hoover Web Design and click Next Step.

- Here’s where we select the different colors to be used in the flash website. Don’t worry too much about this because you can go back and edit the colors later on.

4) Next you’ll need to select a color for your website’s title. Choose black or #000000 and click Next Step.
5) Now you’ll need to select a color to be displayed behind the site title. Let’s choose White or #FFFFFF and click Next Step.
6) Now let’s choose what color the site’s text will be shown in. Choose black or #000000 and click Next Step.
7) Now let’s choose the navigational bar’s background color. Choose gray or #CCCCCC and click Next Step.
8) Now let’s choose the navigational bar’s text color. Choose black or #000000 and click Next Step.
9) Now select a picture to be displayed on your website and click Next Step.
10)You can choose to use background music on your website template if you want it. There are 5 predetermined song tracks to choose from. Click on one of the 5 music tracks to hear what the song sounds like. Keep in mind your website visitors will hear this music loop each time they visit your website. Your visitors can turn the music off if they wish.

- Here’s where you’ll enter your page content. Don’t worry too much about the text because you can go back later and edit the information. Codes that can be used are: <font color=”#000000″> - Change Font Color, <BR> - Line Break <P> - Paragraph <B> - Bold Text.

11) Enter the content for your home page, welcome your site visitors to your website and click Next Step.
12) Enter the content for the about page, write background information about your business and click Next Step.
13) Enter the content for the services page, write about the services that you offer and click Next Step.
14) Enter the content for the links page and click Next Step. Note clickable web links need to be written in the following manner: <a href=”http://www.hooverwebdesign.com” target=”blank”>Hoover Web Design</a>.
15) Enter your contact email and click Next Step. Note clickable email links need to be written in the following manner: <a href=”mailto:webmaster@hooverwebdesign.com” mce_href=”mailto:webmaster@hooverwebdesign.com”>webmaster@hooverwebdesign.com</a>.
16) Now you may preview your website. Click on each of the navigational links to see how your pages will look.
17) Now click on next step copy the information posted on the screen that starts with &site…. Copy all of this information. Open Wordpad, Notepad or other text editors and paste the information that you copied into a blank document. Save this document as website.txt. This control file will tell the flash website what text is to be displayed, what colors are to be used, etc. Finally click Next Step one final time and the flash website files will be emailed to you.
18) Once you’ve received the files in your email, upload all of the files along with the website.txt control file to your web hosting space. That’s it! 

How To Edit Your Free Flash Website

If you want to edit the text in your website, simply open the website.txt file in your text editor like Notepad, Wordpad, etc. Change the text as you need, save the file and upload to your web host again. There is no need to come back to Hoover Web Design to edit your website but we’d love to see you come back.  You can also change out the colors that you selected in the website. View a color chart here: http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/templates/html-color-chart.html.

Note if you want to use a different image in your website template, you can replace the file called image_4.jpg with your own 240×220 sized image. I recommend that you add your logo or something else related to your business so that you can make your flash template look more unique.

If you want to use a website builder that is more advanced in nature, I have reviewed some of the top website builders available online. As I said before, all website builders allow you to point and click to build your website just like our basic flash sitebuilder. Some sitebuilders help you to build basic sites easily and others allow you to do complex functions like selling your own goods and services online.  More information about web site builders can be found here: http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/websitebuilder.html.



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