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Flash Website or HTML Website?

If you are starting a new website you may wonder if you should choose a Flash website or a HTML website.  Whichever type of website you choose should depend on the type of website you are creating. Flash websites are really sleek looking and the animations are really cool to look at. If you’re going for a visually stimulating experience for your website’s users, choose a Flash website. HTML websites, while are not as flashy as Flash websites are easier to create, maintain, easier to navigate, more functional and easier to optimize for search engines.

If your website’s theme is of a personal nature like maybe a Model, Musician, Actress or Singer’s website, a Flash website is a good choice. On the other hand if your website has a Business theme you might want to think twice before creating your website in Flash.

Flash web sites may look fancy, but for functionality and practical use, I’ll never understand why anyone would bother. HTML websites are so much easier for the beginner to maintain. It’s not a good thing when a beginning website owner wants to have his website built in Flash expecting to maintain the website themselves. They know they don’t know how to use the Flash program but for whatever reason they think they can just pick it up and effectively maintain their website. Sadly, their bubble is burst right away.  Maintaining a HTML website is easier because you can use a HTML Editor to write the HTML code for you. Flash doesn’t have a editor to help you out. You have to know the Flash Actionscript Programming Language inside and out to maintain a Flash website. I would also like to add that HTML website’s are a lot easier to optimize for search engines because the web page is full of content rich keywords that search engines can spider and add to it’s search engine index.

The other day I visited a website which had an external link to it’s photo gallery. The gallery link did not open in a new window. I checked out the photo gallery and hit the back button to go back to the website. This made me have to see the website Flash intro all over again. Of course, the intro was long and there was no way to skip past it to get back to the site’s navigation inside of the Flash movie. That was annoying and made me want to leave the site. You don’t want your site visitors to be annoyed and leave your website. Flash websites can take longer to load, especially on dialup connections and on older computers. Some people really do hang on to old computers. :)

If you feel like you have to have a Flash website be smart about it. Better still it is better to make only parts of it Flash. For example add a sleek flash photo gallery inside of your HTML website or maybe a Flash header file. If you add a Flash Intro to your website, make sure there is a skip button.

If you choose to have a 100% Flash website, along with it you choose to not be as effective on search engines and you may annoy some of your website’s visitors. It’s the balance of choice vs. consequence.


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July 2nd, 2008 at 8:19 am

4 Responses to “Flash Website or HTML Website?”

  1. Website Design Company Says:

    It’s true that HTML web sites are easier to maintain and even search engines were known not to spider Flash web sites effectively. Thankfully, Googlebot has now started crawling Flash web sites and many people are making a beeline to have their Flash sites up and running. We can only wait and watch to know more about what’s in store for these Flash web sites (especially, from the point of view of SEO).

  2. Tori Says:

    I personally am excited to see what happens with the Flash sites and google as far as ranking etc.


  3. sue Says:

    Hi there…
    I had a question about flash websites….
    If I choose to create a site in flash, I would like to be viewable on a
    Mobile device. How can I add an HTML first page… My my site as an info,
    And an “enter flash site” button???
    I have little to no training on dreameeaver… But
    I think that is a way to display a flash site on a phone, right?
    Could you provide any other alternatives?
    Thank you,

  4. Ronald Clark Says:

    It’s true that HTML web sites are easier to maintain and even search engines were known not to spider Flash web sites effectively. But now Flash Websites are also on top.