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I Don’t Want My Website Anymore

If you have a website that you don’t want any longer and are considering selling it, a flood of questions come to mind such as How much can I get for my website? How can I determine its value?

You can get anywhere from 3-24 times the value of your websites income. Remember to deduct the operating expenses, like server costs from the income. In most cases websites end up selling for 3-5 months of revenue. In general the amount you can sell your website for depends on the type of website, how established it is, long-term projected revenue, market potential and most importantly what you can get a buyer to pay for it.

You can also visit dnScoop for a free tool that gives you an idea of what your domain name alone is worth. It also tells you how old your domain is, validates your Google pagerank, counts up your backlinks, gives you your Alexa rank and more. Your website seller might also be interested in seeing this report.

Now you might be wondering where you should put your website up for sale. There are many places free and paid that you can list your website for sale. Check out the short list below:


If your website is worth over $1,000 you should consider using an escrow service which can protect both the buyer and the seller.

When creating your website for sale advertisement, be sure to add in as much of the following information about your website as possible. Your potential buyer will appreciate you providing as much information as possible to aid in their decision about evaluating your website:

How old is the site?
How much money does the website make? Monthly revenue?
What are the expenses?
What are the main keywords?
Where does the traffic come from?
How many page views and unique visitors per month?
Incoming Links?
Is the content unique?
Provide stats going back 12 months

Good luck with selling your website and getting what you wanted for it.



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March 13th, 2008 at 3:00 pm

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