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Understanding Webalizer Stats

Most web hosting plans come with a basic stats package called Webalizer which you can use to keep track of who’s visiting your website. Valuable information such as unique visitors, page views and more is provided in this stats report. Webalizer analyzes your web servers logs to gather inforamtion about your visitors. Webalizer is a bit intimidating to some so here’s a quick rundown of understanding Webalizer Stats.

Important to Know

Pages = Pageviews or the Total Number of Web pages Viewed
Sites = Total Number of Unique Visitors

Not so important

Visits = Estimate of People robots, etc. visiting your website
Hits = Total number of web pages, graphics, and other file requests
Files = Total number of graphics loaded onto pages
KBytes = Amount of Data Transfer

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Upon opening the monthly report, you’ll see some really helpful information here. You can find monthly statistics, hits by response code, daily statistics, hourly statistics, your top 30 requested urls (graphics and other files), top 10 total urls, top 10 entry pages, top 10 exit pages, top 250 referrers, top 20 search strings, top 20 usernames for your password protected areas, top 15 user agents, and top 30 site usage by country.

Areas that I look at frequently are referrers, user agents, search strings, and usernames.  Referrers can tell you where your site visitors are coming from. You’ll find direct links from search engines and other websites. You’ll also see links for your own websites internal pages. Search strings is also an important indicator because it’s nice to know what your visitors are looking for at your website. If you have a little of what they are looking for….add more!

After looking through Webalizer stats a bit you’ll see that Webalizer is a very valuable and easy to use tool for determining information about your website visitors that can help make your website better.


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