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Free 2010 Spring Break Party Invitations

Spring Break is coming up next week. Time to take a break and relax and unwind. Get out and enjoy the warm weather.  If you are going out of town that’s great. There are many places to travel for spring break with warm weather and calming oceans. Last year our family traveled to Alabama for Spring Break and had a great time. We went to an Alligator farm and did a lot of other family stuff.  I had planned to take my family up to Gatlinburg for Spring Break. We decided not to go because we are saving to build a new house. With the recession being the way it is, you might have to stay in town also. Just because you are staying in town doesn’t mean that you can’t have an awesome Spring Break. If you have to stay in town why not have a party to celebrate the break. If you have a pool invite friends and family over to relax with you. If you don’t have a pool invite party guests over anyway to relax and enjoy the great weather.

The Spring Break party invitations have vector illustrations of beach scenes on them because most people go to the beach or somewhere warm. To use the party invitations, simply print them out and fold them up to give them to your party guests.

Don’t forget to make a printable envelope to gow ith your party invitation. You can find detailed instructions at our website.

[ Download Free Spring Break Party Invitations ]

Enjoy your Spring Break!


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March 9th, 2010 at 12:27 pm

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