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Free Back To School Party Invitations

Well, this long hot summer is finally coming to an end. Within the next few weeks,  kids all across the country are going back to school. If you are a stay a home parent like me you are happy to see them go back. All I can think about is how much work I am going to get done with the kids back in school.

Some kids are ready to go back and other kids (like mine) are dreading going back because it means getting up early again and homework. For those kids who don’t want to go back to school, why not get them excited about returning to school by throwing a Back to School party for them. You can invite some of their friends over and get them excited about returning to school.

Below you’ll find free printable back to school party invitations that you can print on your computer for free.

[ Download Free Back To School Party Invitations ]

The back to school party invitations have vector illustrations of school and educational themes on them. To use the back to school party invitations, simply open the pdf file in your browser, print them out, write the party details inside of the invitation, and fold them up to give them to your party guests. Our party invitations are saved as Adobe PDF files because they can be opened on all computers.

Don’t forget to make a printable envelope to go with your party invitation. You can find detailed instructions on how to make your own printable envelope below.

[ Download Free Printable Envelopes ]



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August 1st, 2011 at 8:51 am

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